The History of Bugatti Type 101

Updated on Tuesday 15th August 2017

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1951 was the year when Bugatti Type 101 appeared on the market as a luxurious four-door saloon, roadster or coupe. Bugatti Type 101 came with numerous improvements for those times, like a modern chassis, solid axles, attractive design and 140 HP under the hood. A Bugatti car for rent in Dubai will always be an excellent choice for tourists who want to test and taste something different behind the wheel. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to present our special fleet of luxury cars for rent and can also make you a personalized offer on request.

Bugatti Type 101, a jewel developed after WWII

After the economic crisis and the WWII, the Bugatti company struggled to get back on track and to rebuild its reputation. Roland Bugatti, the youngest son of the family designed the Bugatti Type 101, where he upgraded the engine to 3.3-litre supercharged, replaced the gearbox and the carburetor, and added a modern platform with classic fenders and a stylized Bugatti horseshoe logo. Bugatti Type 101 was made in two models, a coupe and a convertible, especially for the Paris Auto Show in 1951. The collection was completed with other 7 units, the most famous of them all being the Type 101 C Antem Coupe which is now part of the private car collection of Nicholas Cage, the American actor.

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Interesting facts about Bugatti Type 101

Bugatti Type 101 was designed to run on a low grade of fuel but with full power offered by the 140 HP implemented on the car. The unique model of Bugatti was developed by five talented engineers who had the Type 57 model as a source of inspiration. Even though the plans were to build more Type 101 models, Bugatti remained with only 9 units which are now part of private and special car collections or museums worldwide.

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