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Updated on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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A Bugatti Chiron for rent in Dubai can be the utmost experience if you want to discover brand new things on board of a wanted and very much appreciated sports car. You can play with speed and adrenaline while driving a great Bugatti Chiron, one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with everything you need when renting luxury cars in Dubai for your special holiday. Our special fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai is at your disposal as soon as you arrive in the city.

Why is Bugatti Chiron a wanted car?

A journey to Dubai can only be completed with extra spiciness, which is why a Bugatti Chiron for rent in Dubai can be the proper option that can relate to your visions. With 1500 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h just 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 460 km/h, Bugatti Chiron is a fast sports car created to break speed limits and to offer each passenger numerous reasons to choose a car like this on every occasion. Here are a few details and attributes that are offered by the stunning Bugatti Chiron
  • Bugatti Chiron can reach 402 km/h in less than a minute;
  • auto experts are closely working with Michelin professionals to create the proper tires to help the car reach those 460 km/h they praise with;
  • the unmistakable profile of Bugatti Chiron is offered by the carbon fiber bodywork;
  • Bugatti is a mid-engined sports car with two seats.

Bugatti Chiron is a wanted car by people addicted to speed and adrenaline, for persons who enjoy utmost technology implemented on a flawless sports car, as experts say. Ready for an unforgettable experience in Dubai? Let us present you our special fleet of luxury cars from which you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai. Those who want to test the heart and the mind in a very special way, are invited to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and explore everything to the maximum on board of a car that made history.

Why should you rent a Bugatti Chiron in Dubai?

There are many reasons why a Bugatti Chiron is the car you would want to rent as soon as you decide for our services. For instance, if you want to test and drive a sports car, the Chiron model should be on top of your list, especially if you wish nothing but the best for your vacation. A Bugatti Chiron is the type of car you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world, particularly if you have the occasion of renting it in a luxurious and extravagant city like Dubai

Admiring the sky view with a Bugatti Chiron

The car producers of Bugatti Chiron have created the car with the idea of offering the utmost lavishness and joy by adding the Skyview option on top. The glass roof is the car's emblem and the main attraction besides the performances of the stunning Bugatti Chiron, one of the top sports cars in the world. The sensation of space and speed is ensured by the beautiful glass roof which offers an unrivaled 3D experience while driving the car or simply enjoying it as a lucky passenger. If you feel like renting a sports car in Dubai, a Bugatti Chiron is definitely the excellent choice to complete your already extravagant vacation.

The design amazes from the first sight

Bugatti cars are known for their spectacular design which matches the highest comfort with luxury. The interior LED illumination highlights each and every element of the amazing Bugatti Chiron, starting with the sports seats excellently handcrafted and ending with the steering wheel that offers the race feeling when touching it. The solid aluminum plus the carbon-fiber elements are blending perfectly inside a Bugatti Chiron. Drivers might be impressed by the central console and the speedometer that stops at the magical speed of 500 km/h. Even if it is not necessary to mention, we will have to say that in terms of technology, a Bugatti Chiron offers all of the facilities and elements that such a car should definitely have, matching with the performances of smartphones available on the market.

Tourists in search of a proper means of transportation can decide on our luxury car rental services in Dubai and discover our excellent fleet of cars from which they car choose to rent cars like Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti Chiron.

Short story of Bugatti Chiron

The tale of Bugatti Chiron starts in 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show where this amazing vehicle was presented. It has four creators behind who focused on a Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo as a starting point for the Chiron model. The name for the brand new model of Bugatti was adopted after Louis Chiron, a great Monaco race autopilot. This two-door coupe is assembled in France, and the company already sold 200 units with EUR 2,400,000 each. As an interesting fact, each client who wants to buy a Bugatti Chiron must deposit about EUR 200,000 before the car is assembled and delivered.

If you want to transform your already great holiday into a more exciting one, we invite you to rent a Bugatti Chiron in Dubai. Please feel free to contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai for additional information and a personalized offer.


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September 2, 2018

Bugatti Chiron - I would like to rent this vehicle from the 28th September to the 4th of October. Please send me your rates.

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