The $5 Million Bugatti Divo

Updated on Monday 24th September 2018

Bugatti was always meant to impress with highest performances and stunning dynamics offered by amazing sports cars made in limited edition. It is now the time to meet a brand-new model, the $5 million Bugatti Divo and its fresh and spectacular look. Bugatti admirers have the opportunity of renting such cars in Dubai and have fun on board of a great sports car. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer the needed information and also help if you are interested in renting luxury cars in Dubai.

Bugatti Divo, a jewel on four hot wheels

The beautiful Bugatti Divo was recently presented on the market in August this year and it is expected to be sold in a limited edition of only 40 pieces that will take the international road. Prepared for a couple of years, Bugatti Divo is finally shown to the world, alongside with its quite daring price: $5 million for a hot sports car. International private collectors are already on the waiting list for Bugatti Divo and the production of such an amazing car started a few months ago. Bugatti maintains its respect on the market, plus the imagination when naming the car models. This time, the new Bugatti model was named after a well-known racing pilot, the Frenchman Albert Divo, who won a few important races back in the '30s and on board of a Bugatti race car.

Hot numbers under the hood for an amazing car

Bugatti’s new model shows no mercy when it comes to performances and the 1500 HP are speaking on behalf of the car. The same goes for the quad-turbocharged 8-liter engine that can fiercely define the car’s stunning performances, even if at the moment there was no official speed test. Visitors in Dubai can rent luxury cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari if they are interested in testing fast sports cars. Also, they can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and enjoy the appealing city from a different angle.

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