The Classic Bugatti Type 46

Updated on Wednesday 16th August 2017

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The Classic Bugatti Type 46 Image
Bugatti Type 46 is a classic car of the ‘30s, a jewel which entered the history of very special cars worldwide.  There have been produced 400 units of Bugatti Type 46 as standard luxury cars with varied engine improvements available in those times. Bugatti cars for rent in Dubai are available in our special fleet of vehicles, and a personalized offer can be made by our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.

What’s under the hood of the classic Bugatti Type 46? 

Launched in 1929 at the Paris Motor Show in France, Bugatti Type 46 was the expected luxury car everyone dreamed it could be real. The engine was quite an innovation for those times, where the smooth long-stroke 5.4 8-cylinder engine was implemented. The same engine with twin spark plugs could produce 140 HP, enough power for a luxury car back in the ‘30s. Besides that, a 5-jet carburetor and a 3-speed gearbox in unit with the rear axle were added on the beautiful Bugatti Type 46, a car which is also known as La Petite Royale.

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Bugatti Type 46, a true piece of art

Bugatti Type 46 was an inspiration for the future cars, as the model came out with an impeccable design which is known under the name “Superprofile”, where a smart combination of rectangular and arc decorations completed the already amazing design. The imposing luxury car like Bugatti Type 46 was created with cable-operated drum brakes, and with prominent black and bright yellow panels to complete the masterpiece. There are only a few models left, many of them being part of private collections or car museums that remind of the special visionary man named Ettore Bugatti, the creator of the luxurious and famous Bugatti brand.

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