Bugatti Royale, a Car for Princes

Updated on Monday 14th August 2017

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Bugatti Royale, also known as Type 41 is one of the most expensive cars in the world which encountered success between 1927 and 1933. Nowadays, Bugatti Royale is a luxury car which can be found in private collections of sheiks and princes all over the world.  With a short history, yet intense, Bugatti Royale rapidly became an icon and a starting point for future car models made by Ford, Rolls-Royce and much more. A Bugatti car for rent in Dubai can be your excellent option if you are looking for speed and adrenaline perfectly mixed in a car beyond expectations. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to provide you with information and details about our special fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai.

Bugatti Royale never found its king

Bugatti Royale or Bugatti Type 41 was supposed to be made in 25 units and delivered to royal families worldwide, but only 6 models were made and 3 sold. Even though it was compared later in history with Rolls-Royce cars or Bentley, Ettore Bugatti created the unique vehicle with a straight-eight aero-engine system, about 300 HP, an aluminum clutch box attached to the chassis, massive brakes, imposing look, with a body longer than usual vehicles, and with luxurious interiors. Each unit was custom-made with unique details and features, but due to the economic crisis of the ‘30s, the cars weren’t delivered to royal houses in the world.

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Bugatti Royale is part of private car collections and museums

Bugatti Coupe Napoleon became the personal car of Ettore Bugatti in 1930 and sold 30 years later to the Schlumpf brothers who were obsessed with Bugatti cars. Bugatti Coupe de Ville Binder was sold to Armand Esders, a French clothing designer and later was owned by Willian Lyon, a US Air Force General. Bugatti Cabriolet Weinberger is the third car built by Ettore which was sold to Fuchs, a German doctor. The model can be seen nowadays at the Ford Museum in the US. Bugatti Limousine Park-Ward was part of the private car collection of John Shakespeare and later was sold to one of the Schlumpf brothers. The model Bugatti Kellner remained in the family, but a few years later it was sold on auction and acquired by a Japanese company. Bugatti Berline de Voyage was owned by Jerry Moore back in the ‘80s. There have been made numerous replicas of the Bugatti models mentioned above, many of them being seen in car museums worldwide.

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