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Updated on Friday 11th November 2022

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Sports cars are the on-the-road adrenaline shot equivalent of power, performance, exclusivity, and luxury. If you want to have an extraordinary driving experience and feel invincible behind the wheel of one of the most desirable cars in the world during your vacation, you should definitely rent a sports car in Dubai.  We remind you that our sports car rental representatives in Dubai are more than pleased to provide you with information and details about our precious fleet.

Why are sports cars different from other cars?

Sports cars are usually smaller than other types of cars like sedans, executives, or SUVs. They are perfectly designed for over-the-top performance and rigorous handling. Sports cars can be austere, economical, or ridiculously luxurious, but the minimum weight is absolutely required for maximum speed achievements and high maneuverability. Also, the following attributes are linked to sports cars that are available for rent in Dubai:
  • they have an aerodynamic shape, with a low center of gravity and suspension flawlessly created for precise control at high speeds;
  • sports cars are commonly built with a two-seating configuration: one seat for the driver and the other one for the co-driver (passenger seat).
  • some sports cars have small back seats which are only suitable for luggage or small children;
  • being agile and powerful vehicles, some of the sports car brands design models that are made to flawlessly compete in car racing and constantly boost the standards of supercars everywhere.

Our sports car rental offer in Dubai

Whether you are traveling for business or you are here for the luxurious leisure experience of a lifetime, our sports car rental offer in Dubai will suit your every need. We have a prestigious and exotic fleet of sports cars from which you can choose.  Our selection of famous luxury car brands like FerrariLamborghinior Porsche awaits you to pick your favorite. Ferrari’s motorsport team is competing continuously in the Formula One World Championship since it commenced in 1950. Lamborghini’s Miura, a worldwide acclaimed supercar, managed to establish the standard layout for high-performance cars of an era and Porsche is the world’s largest race car producer and the most successful car brand in motorsport. Therefore, renting a sports car in Dubai is unquestionably the proper option for your vacation. No other type of car will get your adrenaline pumping like a fast-and-furious sports car!

If you want to know more details about how to rent a sports car in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below:  


Can I rent a sports car in Dubai, such as Porsche?

Yes, we invite you to rent a Porsche in Dubai for extra sensations behind the wheel. Porsche is a gorgeous sports car ready to make you see the world from a different angle. With 600 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5 seconds, Porsche can be your great option for an exclusive journey in the most attractive city in the world: Dubai.

Can I rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Yes, we invite you to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and enjoy well-made and appreciated sports cars worldwide. When it comes to speed and adrenaline, Ferrari has always intended to push the limits and to give the world a little bit of how the future might look. Sports car lovers who plan to obtain the most from vacation have the possibility to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. With 660 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds, Ferrari FF can definitely impress you from the beginning, making you want to drive such beauty for your entire life. We remind you that you can also rent sports cars in Dubai for corporate tours or important meetings in the city.

Even if sports cars are among the customers' preferences, there are also people who want to discover unique experiences on board luxury cars such as the high or ultra-high-end class ones. Therefore, we recommend a Rolls-Royce for rent in Dubai from our collection. With affordable prices and simple formalities, this car can be rented easily and you can even ask for airport transfers if you are interested in this service.

Can I rent a Bugatti in Dubai?

We invite you to rent a Bugatti in Dubai and explore a different level of adrenaline on board of the fastest sports car ever built. For example, a Bugatti Veyron built in 2016 has 1672 HP and can reach 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds. The price for a Bugatti Veyron is in accordance with the performances, approximately $ 5.5 million. If you would like to test the fastest car in the world and to enjoy the attributes and performances of such an amazing vehicle, you can talk to our sports car rental consultants in Dubai. Let us help you with complete information about our remarkable fleet of cars from which sports cars are the most wanted. 

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai for supreme memories 

If you have dreamed of a perfect car since you were a little kid, we have the proper solution for you. Let your dreams transform into reality and rent a Lamborghini in Dubai as soon as you arrive. We guarantee only excellent moments behind the wheel of an astonishing car that sometimes doesn’t need a presentation. Lamborghini is an outrageous sports car, an object of desire which can complete your already amazing holiday in Dubai. Let us make your dreams come true while we present to you our prestigious fleet of sports cars in Dubai.

Porsche Panamera for a stunning day at Jebel Ali

The artificial islands of Dubai attract numerous tourists each year, regardless of the season. A vacation at Palm Jebel Ali can be your perfect choice, particularly if you want to rent a great sports car in Dubai. We present you Porsche Panamera for rent in Dubai, a very much appreciated sports car that can meet your sophisticated taste or requirements. For a stress-free vacation in Dubai, you can always rent a Porsche Panamera and enjoy some great driving sessions in hot places like Jebel Ali.

Long-term rental

Sports cars are definitely to try as soon as you get the chance. The adrenaline rushes into the veins as soon as you enter the car and press the start button. Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Aston Martin are only a few of the sports cars you can rent in Dubai on the long term. Whether you simply want to visit Dubai or have some business meetings that take some days, you can bet on sports cars for rent in Dubai and enjoy a great means of transportation anywhere in the city.

Sports cars are powerful and adrenaline addicts and there is no wonder that you can decide one day to rent a Lamborghini on the long term. Also, a Ferrari rented on the long term can be your partner on the roads in Dubai, no matter the places you want to visit. If you are interested in long term rental in Dubai, you can choose the sports car you wish to drive and even solicit airport transfers if you want. Our sports car rental services in Dubai are at the disposal of anyone looking for a great means of transportation.

No matter the purpose of your visit to Dubai, there is always time for a little bit of adrenaline. A Lamborghini for rent in Dubai can be an ideal option for you. This appreciated sports car has amazing features that you will enjoy while driving it.

Driving a sports car, always a pleasure in Dubai

Having in mind a great vacation in a city of wonders and luxury comes with the idea of renting a sports car and feeling just like a king of the roads. There is nothing exaggerated in this situation because a sports car can offer a set of feelings never met before, and probably this is the starting point for those tourists looking to try something new and to enjoy the best on their holiday. Koenigsegg Agera is a superfast sports car made in Sweden in 2011 and dedicated to those interested in top performances. Having 1140 HP and reaching 100 km/h in only 2.8 seconds make Koenigsegg Agera one of the fastest cars in the world, in strong competition with the well-known Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The Swedish producers wanted to introduce on the market a very special car, not just another sports vehicle, and each model is custom-made. As a short fact, it takes approximately 200 hours to paint such an amazing car.

Another fast and appreciated sports car is Aston Martin One-77 made by British producers. This car is worth $ 2 million, and it is found in a limited edition of 77 units which are already in private collections worldwide. Being made entirely of carbon fiber and having a series of aerodynamic features, Aston Martin One-77 is definitely an interesting and spectacular sports car. With 750 HP, a top speed of 350 km/h, a remarkable V12 engine, and a specific paint that it is custom-made for this car, the Aston Martin One-77 is the sports car you would want to drive at least once in a lifetime if you have the chance. We invite you to discover our special fleet of cars that can test your adrenaline if you are looking for top feelings on board of fast and esteemed sports car.

As for the Porsche 718 Boxster, this is an iconic sports car that made history as soon as it was revealed to the world. You can see it in the movies or you can believe that Porsche 718 Boxster is part of many private car collections of VIPs. The daring design and complete body control that matches every road, make this beautiful Porsche 718 Boxster one of its kind and the emblem for the German producer that knew how to make a great and representative sports car. Porsche 718 Boxster entered the market in 2012 and since then it was involved in a series of facelifts and changes to align with today’s requirements in matters of sports cars.

5 reasons you should rent a sports car in Dubai


1. Rent sports cars in Dubai to taste the adrenaline

Supercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini are preferred among visitors who wish to experience something new, like high speed, excellent performance, and great motor sounds for connoisseurs. Usually, sports cars can reach 100 km/h in about 4 seconds, a performance searched by all speed lovers or persons who enjoy a great car and a beautiful driving experience.

2. Sports cars have powerful engines

If we analyze the engine, we just want to add the 570 HP for the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (sixth element), a car that can push you into another world, in a matter of seconds. And since we are talking about powerful cars, we invite you to analyze our prestigious fleet and to rent a Pagani in Dubai, if you wish to feel the 700 HP. Quite tempting! It is good to know that you can also rent sports cars in Dubai for special events in the city.

3. A sports car can make you feel incredible

Confidence, excitement, good feeling, and delight are among the attributes you should consider when deciding to rent sports cars in Dubai. With excellent features and amazing design, a sports car like Ferrari will definitely turn heads when you drive down the streets of the astonishing city of Dubai.

4. Luxury sports cars in Dubai for people with good taste

Luxury and opulence can be found on every corner or street in Dubai, where sports cars are preferred to impress friends, family, and business associates. No matter the type of journey you choose, business or leisure, you can definitely rent sports cars in Dubai, with 100% confidence, good taste, and a great impression. And a remarkable sports car combines perfectly with an elegant and wealthy man in Dubai.

5. Rent sports cars if you want a perfect holiday in Dubai

If you plan a visit to Dubai you should definitely step into a sports car like Porsche and take the pulse of the city by driving it and enjoying the great moments. Most people who rent sports cars in Dubai adore being seen in such outstanding cars that impose wealth, sumptuousness, and power.

Koenigsegg Agera, a Superfast Sports Car

Sweden is known for those remarkable 56 days of daylight in summer, for innovation, for a fast-growing economy, and also for a supercar production. Koenigsegg Agera successfully entered the category of superfast sports cars in 2011 and since then continues to amaze everyone with outstanding performances. If you don’t want to miss such an occasion, we invite you to rent a Koenigsegg Agera car in Dubai for the utmost sensations behind the wheel. Our sports car rental consultants in Dubai are pleased to provide you with information about our interesting fleet of cars from which you can choose luxury cars for rent in Dubai.

The Germans have the incredible Bugatti Veyron, but the Swedish have Koenigsegg Agera (which means "to act" in the English language), an outstanding sports car that already settled six new world records of speed and breaks. The revised model of Koenigsegg Agera comes with interesting features in 2017 like new front side winglets, carbon fiber wheels, 1140 HP, and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, about 440 km/h compared to those 431 km/h reached by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The question stands: can you control this kind of speed or will you just let yourself be driven by the extreme adrenaline? No matter the answer, make sure to enjoy a superfast car like Koenigsegg Agera in Dubai. And for ideal weight distribution, the Swedish car builders thought of an integrated fuel tank beside the carbon fiber and aluminum chassis.
Koenigsegg Agera is definitely a different car made with extreme attention to detail and rumors say that only one unit like this was painted in more than 200 hours. Imagine how many hours took those unique 18 models of Koenigsegg Agera to appear on the market perfectly painted. And for another touch of distinctiveness, Christian von Koenigsegg, the man who created this beautiful sports car, decided to have an ultimate drive test before selling any unit, by preparing each Koenigsegg Agera car according to the future owner's taste and requirements.

Rent sports cars by the hour in Dubai

Even though a sports car should be driven as much as possible, some tourists would rather enjoy an amazing vehicle like this for just a few hours. In most of cases, the option of renting a sports car by the hour is selected due to varied reasons. Some people only spend a couple of hours in the city, while others need to attend different special events for which they need the perfect car. A sports car is always a great choice in terms of personal comfort and joy, therefore, our clients can choose just the type of car rental service they need in Dubai. Our sports car rental in Dubai is at your disposal if you would like to rent such a car by the hour. All the formalities can be entirely handled by one of our agents, so feel free to discuss them with us as soon as you decide on traveling to Dubai.

Sports cars picked up right from the airport

It is quite recommended to have a rented sports car right from the airport in Dubai. Many people choose this kind of service from the start and skip any other complexity in terms of car rentals. Once your trip to Dubai is arranged, you can simply ask for a sports car rental in Dubai and benefit from the advantages of such services. The airport transfer to your hotel or any other location in Dubai can be properly handled by one of our car rental specialists in Dubai. There are no complicated formalities, you can simply send us your request via email or by phone and let us take care of all the aspects.

Rent sports cars for special occasions in Dubai

Having a special occasion to attend to is definitely enchanting, therefore, any detail should be attentively considered. This is a great opportunity to rent a sports car in Dubai and enjoy the benefits that come along. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg Agera, Bugatti Veyron, and Porsche Panamera are part of our prestigious sports car collection. In some cases, the decision of choosing a sports car rental in Dubai might be difficult for those looking for the perfect moment, and therefore, the perfect car.

One of our specialists in Dubai can help you choose the right type of sports car, in compliance with the event you need to attend in Dubai. Whether you would like to impress your loved one with a special event and great ride, or you need to attend to a private and classy event where a sports car will spot the attention, make sure you get in touch with our team of car rental specialists in Dubai and find out all you need to know about the facilities offered and prices. You might want to accept our suggestions and let us propose a Lamborghini or a Ferrari car for rent in Dubai, depending on your special occasion. We can assist you with all the formalities of the sports car rental in Dubai, so do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.

FAQ about sports cars in Dubai

1. Can I rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?
Yes, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, as our fleet comprises a wide range of models. Lamborghini sports cars are preferred by many of our customers who know how powerful these vehicles are.

2. Can I rent a Ferrari in Dubai?
Yes, Ferrari car rental in Dubai is another great option for those interested in a stunning sports car. Ferrari cars are powerful and good-looking.

3. Can I ask for pick-and-drop services while renting a sports car in Dubai?
Yes, pick-and-drop services are at your disposal at any time. You can simply select the sports car you want to rent and then solicit pick-and-drop services in Dubai. We are here to help you.

4. Can I rent a sports car by the hour or day?
Yes, we provide a wide range of services, therefore, you can solicit a car for rent by the hour or day, in accordance with your needs in Dubai. Make sure you select the right type of sports car you are interested in.

5. Can I ask for airport transfers in Dubai?
Yes, our airport transfers in Dubai are available for our customers. Plus, our sports car rentals in Dubai can be great options for those interested in a new level of adrenaline. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, or Aston Martin can be yours for as long as you wish.

6. How can I reserve a sports car in Dubai?
Our clients can simply request a price or a call back for more details about our sports car rental in Dubai. You can also reserve your wanted car on our website. Feel free to discuss with our team of luxury car rental specialists in Dubai and find out all you need to know about our rental offers.

If you need more information regarding renting a luxury car or you want to rent a sports car in Dubai right now, contact our consultants.