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Updated on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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BMW i8 is a stunning sports car also known as BMW Vision Ergonomics which was produced for the first time in 2014 in Germany. This is a plug-in hybrid sports car with attractive elements and attributes and which can be rented in Dubai. Sports cars are surprising vehicles you would want to have the chance to ride. We can help you in this matter and we invite you to talk to our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai for complete information.

Why is BMW i8 an amazing car?

The BMW producers focused on the future and the ways in which it can be improved from a driving point of view, and this is how the BMW "i" subdivision appeared. Because most of the automotive companies are concentrating on electric cars, BMW also aligns with the requirements on the market, plus with the EU directives for the environmental protection, and the result is the amazing BMW i8 which comes with a series of elements and daring attributes:
  • it has 2 electric motors that offer 139 HP and a top speed of 250 km/h;
  • the bold BMW i8 reaches 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds;
  • the aluminum is the main material of the car's chassis;
  • a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gas engine is also available on the car.

BMW i8 for rent in Dubai is at your disposal if you would like to test a very special sports car that matches the city’s ultimate attractions. On the other hand, if you would like to attend to special meetings in the city, we invite you to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and find out why this car is so special and extremely elegant.

The BMW i8 SPORT mode

Want to feel shivers down the spine while driving the very best of sports cars available on the market? It is time to meet BMW i8 and its spectacular SPORT mode. The gear selector is used manually instead of the automated one, changing the suspension settings to deliver nothing but the highest performance. The maximum energy is activated in the SPORT mode and the battery recharges with the help of the kinetic energy. These are only a few of the attributes of the SPORT mode of BMW i8 we invite you to test as soon as you decide on renting such an amazing car.

Interested in our fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai? We invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental consultants in Dubai and choose the type of car that suits most of your needs.


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