Rent BMW Z4 in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd February 2019

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Designed with elegance, perfection, and power, BMW Z4 was created to impress and to offer incredible feelings behind the wheel. BMW Z4 is a convertible car, perfectly shaped and beautifully contoured, and it is a suitable option for your amazing trip to Dubai. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer proper information and guidance if you want to rent a BMW Z4 in Dubai. You can also rent a Lamborghini car in Dubai, in order to have a great vacation and an amazing driving experience while discovering a stunning city like Dubai.

What makes BMW Z4 an outstanding car

The remarkable BMW Z4 Roadster, with soft mergers and two seats, has a folding roof and is one of the most wanted sports cars all over the world. With 231 HP, twin power turbo V6 cylinder engine, magnificent 7-speed sports transmission and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds, BMW Z4 combines dynamics with sportiness and great performances. One of the most known BMW Z4 is the E89 orange metallic model. The refined exterior and the high-class interior, created with superior leather fabrics, make BMW Z4 a desirable car.

Tourists in Dubai can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, our team providing at any time details or information about many great sports cars to rent in Dubai.

A reinvented BMW Z4 for 2019

The new BMW Z4 is dynamic and compact and comes with three types of engine: sDrive30i with a 2-liter V4 engine, sDrive20i with 258 HP and m40i with 3-liter V6 engine reaching 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and respectively 6.6 seconds. Each of the models respects the international standard emissions and confirm the fact that BMW Z4 is ready for adventure. Adaptive sporty suspensions, high-performance tires and stunning colors (alpine white, Mediterranean blue metallic, San Francisco red, glacier silver metallic and black sapphire metallic) are a few of the brand-new features of BMW Z4 in 2019. A sophisticated interior and a premium atmosphere blend perfectly with the elegance and the sporty attitude of BMW Z4.

The appealing exterior and interior of BMW Z4

Besides the inspiring colors made of non-metallic paint that match the beautiful attitude of BMW Z4, the car has a black rooftop, satin aluminum exterior trims, heated glass rear windows and white side-turn indicator lenses. The sporty seats are special for the new model of BMW Z4 because the front seats are created with the memory system. The luxury features continue with a HiFi sound system, an HD radio, and special anti-theft systems for the integrated MP3 player. The auto builders wanted to transform BMW Z4 into an even more appealing sports car by concentrating on performances and complete comfort for a great roadster. 

How safe is a BMW Z4?

In matters of security and safety, the new BMW Z4 makes no exception meaning automatic safety-belt pretensioners, adaptive brake lights, programmable LED daytime running lights, side-impact airbags, cornering brake control. Active knee protection, rollover protection system, and central locking system with double lock features are implemented on the car. Moreover, the new BMW Z4 presents the active protection system which can detect the imminent accidents on the road and can activate the pretention belts and focus alert. The frontal collision warning and the braking are part of the active guard system of the car. 

Renting a BMW Z4 for your personal delight

Visiting Dubai is definitely a one-time occasion which needs to be felt to the maximum. Discovering the city as a tourist may transform the simple visit into an incredible experience on board of a rented BMW Z4 in Dubai. The great beaches and the stunning roads are at your feet as soon as you come to Dubai and drive a beautiful BMW Z4. The feeling of freedom is for sure outlined by a great and performant sports car like this because it has all the attributes to send the driver and the passenger into a very appealing kind of movie where every dream comes true. Renting a BMW Z4 in Dubai can rapidly turn into a special occasion which cannot be missed if you are looking for a different level of adrenaline in a city of opulence, wealth and luxury. The new BMW Z4 is an irresistible force with a dynamic design and an inspiring technology that connects the driver with the car in just a few seconds. Some say that driving a BMW Z4 is love at first sight with emotions that sometimes cannot be described. Tourists who decide for a trip to Dubai can get in touch with our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai and ask for information about how to rent a BMW Z4 in Dubai.

Short story of BMW Z4

Unfortunately, BMW has closed the production line for BMW Z4. Rumors say that Toyota has a secret plan with BMW and nowadays are trying to bring back to life a brand new BMW Z4 roadster, named Z5. It will be manufactured in Austria and probably launched in 2018. The BMW Z4 has replaced the old Z3 in 2002 and won the “Design of the year” award in 2009. The iconic models of BMW Z4 are E85 and E89. The dynamic driving control button was added to decrease power steering assist, making this amazing car really stable on the roads for a convertible. BMW Z4 has a limited speed of 251 km/h and was sold worldwide, the U.S. being the number one on top acquisitions.

Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai?

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