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Updated on Monday 24th September 2018

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BMW i3 is the third bestselling electric car in the world since 2016 and the American market leads all the way, as it is a known fact that this territory plays an important role and presents a great interest in such type of vehicles. This car was also extremely welcomed in Asia and Europe and it represents the proper choice for those looking for a special means of transportation. We invite you to rent a BMW i3 in Dubai and enjoy the high-roof hatchback car that comes with a series of special features. You can talk to our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai and ask for information about our fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai.

What’s so special about BMW i3?

The carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is the body material for BMW i3 and it was the proper solution for developing this electric car. The newly developed powertrain runs with 170 HP and there are many other attributes that make BMW i3 the top choice for driving an excellent car:
  • the beautiful BMW i3 reaches 100 km/h in approximately 7 seconds;
  • this electric car can be charged in around four hours;
  • the eccentric design is made of fine lines that highlight the beautiful and daring silhouette;
  • the leather and wood elements are blending perfectly with the curvy lines.
We invite you to talk to our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai and find out how you can rent a BMW i3 in Dubai and enjoy your vacation just the way you wish. Also, you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai if you think of complete lavishness and highest comfort on board of a luxurious car.

The recent model is breathtaking

BMW i3 entered the market in 2013 and since then the car producer continued to improve the model with top technologies, focusing mainly on the battery pack and the ways in which it can recharge faster. The carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, the upgraded electronic packages, plus the appealing navigation are a few of the stunning elements that are found on the astonishing BMW i3. Europe was the first market for BMW i3, and countries like Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, UK, and Italy registered substantial sales. The same goes for Canada and USA, two important territories that enjoy the concept of electric cars for many years.
If you would like to rent a BMW i3 in Dubai, we invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai. We can also present you details about the luxury cars you can rent in Dubai.



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