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Updated on Sunday 09th June 2019

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SUVs are sports utility vehicles which are equipped with four-wheel drive for on-road and off-road transportation. Initially designed for utility purposes and to ease driving in extreme conditions, SUVs are nowadays a trademark for luxury, stardom, opulence, and power. Renting an SUV in Dubai is the perfect option for you if you want to spend your vacation exploring the desert with your family basking in comfort and safety. Our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai are pleased to provide you with information about our prestigious fleet from which you can rent an SUV in Dubai. Do you want some special feelings behind the wheel? Rent luxury cars in Dubai and have some fun in the most appreciated cities in the world.

Origins and types of SUVs in Dubai

The first SUVs were based on the design and function of military vehicles. The earliest models of SUVs were built between 1935 and 1961 by long-time automobile manufacturers like Chevrolet, Toyota, Land Rover and Ford, but the contemporary term of sports utility vehicle didn’t become widely used until the late 1980s. According to the curator of the Henry Ford Museum, Robert Casey, the first true SUV was the Jeep Cherokee, with its first model being built in 1974. This type of cars was initially marketed to people looking to buy bigger, larger and safer family cars and, later, as work vehicles. As soon as more luxurious car models were introduced to the public, SUVs started being equipped with much more powerful engines and more comfortable and superior interiors.

SUVs are also used for recreational reasons or in motorsport. Many modified models are used for exploring places that are otherwise unreachable by any other type of vehicle and 4WD (four-wheel drive) clubs were created all around the world for this specific purpose. Modified SUV models compete in famous races like the Baja racing series, King of the Hammers, Dakar Rally and the Australian Outback. While the US has 4x4 mud racing competitions organized by clubs, the French have formed an ice-racing series for SUVs named the Trophee Andros.

Luxury SUVs in Dubai are built with higher performance, premium technology, expensive interiors that provide superior comfort and a posh image. They are equipped with sunroofs, automatic transmissions for a laid-back driving experience and offer exceptional safety features including side airbags and electronic stability control. If you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer you help. 

Rent Mitsubishi Montero in Dubai, a powerful SUV

Planning to conquer the Arabian sands behind the wheel of a gorgeous SUV? We invite you to rent a Mitsubishi Montero in Dubai, a vehicle which stands for seven passengers who want to explore another interesting part of Dubai. The 2017 variant of Mitsubishi Montero comes with:
  • complete opulence, attractive looks (as a recommendation, you can choose the silver or the electric blue model),
  • a super engine which allows the full potential of 350 HP in your hands;
  • complete safety features including driver’s knee airbags, also available for 2018 models;
  • incredible safety features on the roads or while driving through the golden Arabian desert.

Ready for a safari adventure? Rent a Mitsubishi Montero in Dubai and enjoy your trip.

Rent a Range Rover SuperCharged in Dubai, a luxurious SUV

Dreaming of power, safety, great looks and complete control? You can enjoy all these essential features on a Range Rover SuperCharges, a high-class SUV which can change any tourist who visits Dubai and dares for more. With 510 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds, Range Rover SuperCharged 2017 is ready to explore even Mars, according to auto experts, so why not try it on the beautiful sands in Dubai?

If you want to discover all-inclusive features on a special car, we invite you to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and then tell your friends all the details about the amazing experience.

The SUVs are meant to offer another side of driving

For the ones in love with driving on a sunny day, chilly winter, hot sands or hard terrains, the SUVs are ready to accomplish every need or wish. Whether you want to enjoy a safari or drive on the beautiful streets of Dubai, we suggest you rent an SUV in Dubai and discover the dynamics, the elegance, the performances and the balanced ride this kind of vehicle can offer.

Why should I rent a Hummer in Dubai?

Among the special features of a Hummer for rent in Dubai, we mention the improved turbo diesel engine which offers 239 HP and complete stability on hard terrain. Humvees, as they are known, can be the excellent alternatives for travelers who are interested in safari sessions in Dubai and who want to sense a different level of adrenaline while conquering the desert and its mesmerizing dunes. Hummer is a great SUV which can be rented in Dubai by anyone who wants to write down a new driving experience.

Would you like to find out more details about our SUVs for rent in Dubai? Please watch the video below: 


Why rent an SUV in Dubai?

Renting a luxurious SUV in Dubai is a great option for those who are thirsty for adventure-driven experiences and who want to explore the beautiful Arabian desert and other surroundings of Dubai. SUVs are wonderful and imposing four-wheeled jewels that are perfectly made for those who want to show off their good taste and drive in style during their fabulous vacations. If you want to complete your impeccable appearance while arriving at an important business event, renting an SUV in Dubai is the perfect choice for you. Why waste your precious time waiting for taxis at the airport when you can rent a luxury car in Dubai and travel in an elegant manner straight to your hotel room?

Long-term rental

There are persons who would rather feel the force and the fierce of a powerful car like Range Rover, for example. This kind of SUV enters our category of great cars, no matter if you are interested in long-term rentals in Dubai or simply want to test the capabilities of such a car. SUV cars are made for the type of drivers who make no compromises when it comes to power and adrenaline. The perfect blend between these two can make a tourist rent an SUV in Dubai on long-term. Would you like your very own means of transportation and skip the city rush, while getting around as easy as possible? Would you like to have an offer that covers car insurance and other related matters? Our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai have the right solution for you and can offer the possibility of renting an SUV in Dubai on long-term. This way you can be sure that everything is covered and you can enjoy a stunning car while discovering the streets and the hot places in Dubai.

How can I choose the right SUV for my needs?

Renting an SUV in Dubai is quite challenging if you consider your needs and expectations of your vacation in Dubai, but the most important thing is to discover our special fleet of SUVs and the main characteristics of such cars. For instance, a Range Rover is a luxurious and spacious SUV that greets even the requests of most sophisticated taste. You can definitely enjoy a morning safari tour on board of a Range Rover for rent in Dubai.

As for Jeep SUVs for rent in Dubai, one should know that these vehicles are stable, performant and ready to show you what those 360 HP are capable of. Your experience on board of a well-known Jeep can turn into a magnificent one while enjoying a night safari in Dubai.

If you need more information about our luxury car rental services in Dubai or if you want to rent an SUV in Dubai, please feel free to contact our luxury car rental consultants.


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