Rent Audi A5 in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd February 2019

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The 2016 Audi A5 entered the luxury small cars category, because it is a refined vehicle, and can be an excellent option for your exclusive events in Dubai. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are more than pleased to offer information and assistance if you want to rent an Audi 5 in Dubai. It is good to know that you can also rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, if you wish to make a great appearance, or if you want to attend to important meetings in the city.

 Why is Audi A5 a superior car?

With 286 HP, 2.0-liter V6 engine and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds, Audi A5 offers high-class quality and excellent performance behind the wheel. The redesigned interiors, made with first-class fabrics and the striking exteriors, make Audi A5 a remarkable car in its category, delivering adapt handling and improved features. And here we mention restored grilles, updated front and rear lights, and amazing front bumper design.

As a reminder, you can rent luxury cars in Dubai, for premium events or other special occasions in the city. You can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, our remarkable fleet being an excellent option for every request or need you might have.

Audi A5 in 2019

Some say that the new model of Audi A5 is extremely appealing, while others are looking forward to test the performances of the new hatchback and to enjoy its athletic and representative design for this year. The auto builders decided to mix the elegance and the style with sportiness. The novelty for Audi A5 model in 2019 is the black optic package which includes black trim elements, titanium finish wheels with sporty features. Even if it is already known the fact that Audi A5 is a very elegant car, the German producers wanted to go even further by adding a perfect blend of erudition and comfort in order to provide an exciting climate for drivers and passengers. This is how the interior can be described, in just a few words. As it was expected, the new Audi A5 is extremely spacious and ready to confer the needed and highest comfort and lavishness for those enjoying the amazing car. Let us provide you with complete information about our luxury car rental services in Dubai and present you details about how you can rent an Audi A5 in Dubai as soon as you arrive in the city.

An Audi A5 for top places in Dubai

If you are looking for some quality time in Dubai and you plan to visit places like Dubai Mall, the Emirates Tower, Burj Al Arab, or Burj Dubai, you should ask for a proper means of transportation. An Audi A5 for rent in Dubai might represent the perfect option for your plans, especially if you are accustomed to luxury and comfort, two important attributes of this marvelous vehicle. Whether you would like to get to the hotel right in the car that waits for you with a private chauffeur or you want to drive an Audi A5 straight from the airport, it is good to know that such car may be the proper vehicle for your visit in Dubai. Even if you decide for some business matters in the city, you can rent an Audi A5 and simply enjoy a great and flawless German car meant to please any sophisticated taste, no matter the requests. Feel free to talk to our advisors and find out more about the ways in which you can rent an Audi A5 in Dubai.

The performances of an Audi A5 

The new model of Audi A5 has 248 HP, a brand-new sports suspension, and of course the legendary Quattro all-wheel drive which enables a dynamic handling and complete stability no matter the roads. Having confidence means driving your Audi car in any place and in a very responsive manner. As for Audi drive select, this kind of system lets the chauffeur choose four driver-selectable modes in order for Audi A5 to understand your driving style in no time. This is among the smart facilities the new Audi offers in 2019. The sporty driving experience and the comfort on long rides are offered by the front and rear suspension. For excellent steering precision, the car producers introduced the five-link suspension and a lightweight structure in order to align with the brand-new technology implemented on the vehicles nowadays. Still speaking about technology, Audi A5 presents the pre-sense basic or the smart system that intervenes in the case of collision with pretensioned safety belts and closed sunroof and side windows within a few seconds. The safety measures if Audi A5 are extremely appreciated, especially on the new model, considering that the producers always put the accent on safety and precise measures. We are at your disposal if you would like to rent an Audi A5 in Dubai and need information in this sense.

Reasons to rent an Audi A5 in Dubai

Dubai is a marvelous place which should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. And to make the visit even more pleasant, it is recommended to decide on a proper means of transportation, among which, one of our finest luxury cars available for rent. An Audi A5 is definitely a great choice of car for the type of tourists looking for personal comfort, confidence behind the wheel and an attractive car. Businessmen wanting a flawless image in front of partners and associates should definitely choose Audi A5 for rent in Dubai and get ready for an unforgettable experience behind the wheel, or better yet, as a passenger with a private chauffeur. Let us present you the advantages of choosing to rent an Audi A5 in Dubai and let us help you have a great vacation by choosing our services.

Tourists in Dubai can also direct the attention to other luxury cars from our fleet, like Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Bentley or Aston Martin. If you decide it is time to test the adrenaline, then you should rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, or a gorgeous red-hot Ferrari to meet the attributes of performant and highly appreciated cars.

Short story of Audi A5

The German car Audi A5 is part of the entry-level luxury category and it is manufactured since 2007 by Audi AG in Bavaria, Germany. This car practically replaced Audi A80, a coupe model from the 1990s. In 2011, Audi A5 Cabriolet, Coupe and Sportback models suffered major facelifts, and new features like distinct air inlets, flat fog lights or crystal-effect paint textures. In 2012, Audi A5 recorded amazing sales in Europe, being well-received by automobile experts worldwide, and also Audi fans. The Audi brand made history since 1885 and nowadays continues to impress with innovation, high-class amenities and remarkable performances.

Please feel free to contact our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai, if you need extra information about how to rent Audi A5 in Dubai.