Audi A4 or the Interpretation of Elegance

Updated on Tuesday 11th April 2017

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Audi A4 or the Interpretation of Elegance Image
Audi A4 has always been a symbol of luxury, elegance, and self-confidence, since its’ first appearance on the market in 1994. The same attributes are available to the new Audi A4, a gorgeous sport-sedan which comes with interesting improvements for a strong impact. If you want to rent an Audi A4 in Dubai, you can ask for details and assistance from our luxury car rental agents in Dubai. We have a remarkable fleet that will stand on top of your desires if you have planned the perfect holiday. We also invite you to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and enjoy unforgettable moments behind the wheel.

What’s new on Audi A4 in 2017?

The German producers wanted to adjust their cars to nowadays' technology and to add as many interesting improvements as possible. For instance, the new Audi A4 comes with a more geometrically agreeable appearance, with an athletic and catchy front. The digital display is dynamic and has all the features to properly connect to your smart devices. 190 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under 5 seconds, dual-clutch automatic transmission, climate control, five-link suspension and the sports mode make Audi A4 a desirable car in its category. This gorgeous car will respond to every need or vision you might have, offering above all lots of comfort, deluxe, stability, and safety. As your pleasant journey, you might want to add extra refinement by renting a Rolls-Royce in Dubai. We remind that you can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai as soon as you booked a trip here.

Short story of Audi A4

Audi A4 was designed as a compact executive car, with numerous luxurious features to meet even the most sophisticated taste. The first generation conquered the market in 1994 and since then, the company encountered success and sales above expectations. Audi A4 came as an extension of the Audi 80 models and was assembled on a Volkswagen platform. The second generation of Audi A4 enters the market in 2000 with important facelifts, a new and powerful engine (1.8 liter V20) and Tiptronic automatic transmission. 2005 is registered as the year of the third generation of Audi A4 with reviewed steering settings, an interesting navigation system and the well-known electronic stability programme (ESP). The B8 series of Audi A4 entered the market in 2009, with a revised engine and additional tech features. As for the current generation, Audi A4 presents advanced navigation system, adaptive cruise control, Audi side assist and advanced parking system among many others.

If you are interested in renting an Audi A4 in Dubai, you are invited to contact us. Our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai are here to make you stay as pleasant as possible, giving complete help regarding your transportation in the city.


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