The New Audi A6 will be Revealed in 2019

Updated on Friday 09th March 2018

Audi is a remarkable and stunning car which always reinvents itself and keeps up with the latest technology. This is the case of the new Audi A6, a mid-size luxury executive car which is going to be available on the market starting with 2019. As for the latest models, you may rent an Audi in Dubai and explore the city’s main attraction points. Our luxury car rental consultans in Dubai are at your disposal with support and information. 

Audi A6, a model you cannot forget

The first impression when you see an Audi A6 is that the model is extremely appealing compared to older models, the producers putting the accent on top designs and fine lines. The futuristic look has its inspiration in Audi A4, but the techs are changed. The four different suspensions, the adaptive dampers, and the turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine make Audi A6 a wanted and reliable car. Those 340 HP implemented on the car are just the right fit for the things this car can do.

Still speaking of well-made cars, visitors can rent luxury cars in Dubai and benefit from highest comfort no matter the purposes in this city.

Drive an Audi A6 in Dubai and enjoy an excellent ride

Even though Audi A6 is set to be revealed in 2019, the producers want to hurry things and to introduce the new model this summer in Europe. A smoother automatic engine and the regenerative braking are two of the very expected implementations on the new Audi A6. This great sedan is meant to compete with luxury cars in its solid category because the attributes make the new Audi A6 just the type of car you need to consider if you plan a business trip or a corporate travel in Dubai. Turning your top vacation into an unforgettable holiday may start with a rented Audi in Dubai at any time if you ask your team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai for support.

Let yourself inspired by the top quality which comes with a perfect German car like Audi A6, and enjoy an excellent car in a city which needs no further introduction. Please do not hesitate to contact us for complete information.