Rent Mercedes Benz S 500 in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 14th May 2019

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Rent Mercedes Benz S 500 in Dubai Image
Mercedes S-Class cars are full-size luxury vehicles which are worldwide appreciated. S-Class 500 is one of the finest in line and it can be rented in Dubai by anyone wishing to indulge on board of a spectacular and extremely luxurious car. We invite you to talk to our luxury car rental agents in Dubai and find out how you can rent a Mercedes Benz S 500 in Dubai. Also, if interested in our luxury car rental services in Dubai, you can address your inquiries to our team.

Why is Mercedes Benz S 500 a very special car?

Whether you want to spoil yourself on board of a stunning luxury car or you want to benefit from the services of a private chauffeur while you enjoy the charming views, a Mercedes Benz S500 for rent in Dubai is definitely the top choice you might have, due to its special attributes:
  1. The self-driving car concept has been improved for the latest models.
  2. Mercedes Benz S500 is a statement of style and elegance from the bottom to the top.
  3. The 4.7-liter V8 twin engine offers a smoothness power on the road.
  4. Mercedes Benz S500 reaches 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.
Just like any Mercedes Benz car, S500 plus complete accent on safety features and top technology with the help of Distronic adaptive cruise control system, keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane in any conditions. If you would like to rent a Mercedes Benz S500 in Dubai, we invite you to get in touch with our team and solicit complete details. Also, those what to change the adrenaline level at a thrilling point can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, one of the finest sports cars in the world.

A smooth ride comes with a great Mercedes Benz S500

The attention for Mercedes Benz S500 goes above the imagination because the producers wanted to add futuristic elements on the latest models. For instance, the Magic Body Control system helps the driver familiarize with the road by adjusting the suspensions and using smart cameras. It is supposed to be the system that in time will be part of the driverless Mercedes Benz luxury cars system.

How is Mercedes Benz S500 Coupe?

Simply stunning we might say! There is no coupe model signed by Mercedes without spectacular features and the S500 was improved in recent years:
  • 20-inch alloy wheels inspired from Maybach Exelero of 2004.
  • Appealing LED taillights and over-sized three-point star up front.
  • Multi-stitched leather plus satin and wood trims covering the beautiful dashboard.
  • The spacious and light sensations are offered by the panoramic glass roof.
Cavasite metallic blue is the special paint for Mercedes Benz S500 coupe that matches every detail on this car, making it adorably personal and matching with the delightful brown tones for the inside leather. There is a special feeling while driving a Mercedes Benz S500 coupe and some say that they just experienced a renaissance moment on board of such a car. The interior lighting tones, the command infotainment system, the Magic Body control system and the 9-speed automatic transmission are just a few of the features you might be interested in a Mercedes Benz S500.

Renting a Mercedes Benz S500 for a wonderful experience in Dubai

Dubai is the city of opulence, excellent roads, and great cars which can be driven by anyone, with no restrictions. Besides renting a Rolls-Royce in Dubai or a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, we invite you to direct your attention to another amazing and appealing luxury car: Mercedes Benz S500 for rent in Dubai. No matter if you are here for business purposes or for pleasure, you should think of renting a Mercedes Benz S500 and start your adventure on board of an extremely luxurious car. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at your disposal if you are interested in renting a Mercedes Benz S500 on a short or long-term. You can also ask for airport transfers and pick & drop services if you want to take your beautiful Mercedes Benz S500 as soon as you arrive in Dubai. A Mercedes Benz S500 can be a great option for business persons in Dubai, interested in completing their image in a remarkable and impressive way. On the other hand, if you want to have fun and spoil yourself in the city that never sleeps, you can decide on a coupe model and start living the dream as soon as you arrive in Dubai.
We kindly invite you to find out more about our luxury car rental services in Dubai and about how you can rent a Mercedes Benz S500 in Dubai from our team of specialists. Please, feel free to contact us and to address your request to our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai at any time.