Premium Compact Cars to Rent in Dubai

Updated on Monday 16th September 2019

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Premium compact cars are small luxurious cars, suitable for every need or requirements you might have on your vacation. These vehicles can perfectly combine the comfort with the luxury features, and here we mention exclusive cars like BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can recommend you a wide range of premium compact cars for business or leisure purposes in Dubai. In order to have an amazing driving experience in the city, and top quality services you can always rent a Rolls Royce car in Dubai, or you can rent sports cars in Dubai.

Why choose premium compact cars in Dubai

This luxurious category of vehicles is a suitable option for your holiday in Dubai and it is concentrated on your personal comfort, lavishness and good taste. The performances, the power, and the great designs will make you feel confident, no matter the occasions you might have in the city. For special events and exclusive meetings, you can choose to rent an Audi A3 or a Mercedes Benz C-Class. Their amazing exteriors and extraordinary interiors, not to mention the great performances these cars can offer, are the important aspects that you should take into consideration when you are thinking of renting premium compact cars in Dubai.We also remind our customers that our luxury car rental services in Dubai are the proper options for future trips, meetings or events in Dubai.

You can rent an Audi A3 hatchback

The elegant interior and the great efficacy combine perfectly with the car’s amazing performances. With 170 HP, 3-liter V6 turbo engine and acceleration from 0 to 100 km in just 8.2 seconds, the new Audi A3 facelift impresses with defined details and charming performances. Audi A3 hatchback is a suitable car for family trips or for important business meetings in Dubai. It is a redesigned car with minor rearrangements that still keeps the standard equipment, in order to perfectly enter in the premium compact car category.

You can rent Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Impressive, powerful, elegant and amazing are only a few of the qualities that you should take into account if you want to rent a Mercedes in Dubai. If we are talking about premium compact cars, Mercedes-Benz C-Class matches flawlessly with this luxurious category. With a selective dumping system and oriented to performance, Mercedes-Benz C-Class can be a proper option for your needs. No matter if you choose a sedan, a cabriolet or a coupe, driving this kind of car will offer confidence, comfort, and lavishness behind the wheel. We can also mention the 241 HP and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km in just 6.1 seconds. The advanced safety aspects and the semi-autonomous driving are considered to be important features to think about when renting a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai are able to give you detailed information about the premium compact cars, including Audi A3 or Mercedes-Benz C-Class. As a recommendation, you can also rent a Lamborghini car in Dubai for a little bit of spiciness and adrenaline.

You can rent Lexus IS

When we think of a Lexus car, we image luxury, high-class, extravagance and high-level comfort. It is good to know that Lexus IS is part of premium compact cars to rent in Dubai. Speed, adrenaline, reliance, and satisfaction are the main aspects when you choose this kind of car, and here we can add the 255 HP, the 3.5-liter V6 engine, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km in just 9.6 seconds. Lexus IS has an automatic climate control, Siri voice recognition, satellite radio, push-button start and elegant interiors made with high-quality fabrics.

MINI Cooper for a different kind of driving experience

MINI Cooper cars for rent in Dubai are at your disposal whenever you feel like it is time for a new driving experience. The appealing design and the performances of such a car stood at the base of deciding to introduce this vehicle in the premium compact car category. The charm and the style are two elements to consider when dreaming of a MINI Cooper, a car which can turn your vacation into a very special one. The standard hatchback model of MINI Cooper is not only practical (the Clubman model has five doors), but also irresistible because it gives the chauffeur the possibility of driving a classy and comfy car in an amazing city like Dubai. The 228 HP version gives additional grip on slick surfaces and damp streets. It also reaches 100 km/h in only 6 seconds which is quite incredible for a small premium compact car like MINI Cooper. If you would like to try something different, have no second thoughts and rent a MINI Cooper Clubman in Dubai.

Audi A5 in the premium compact car category in 2018

Audi producers want to come to the attention of all types of customers and their needs. In this direction, the new model of Audi A5 which will be launched this year will enter the category of premium compact cars. The luxurious attributes will remain the same, meaning that the auto builders do believe that old customs should not change. Audi A5 will have 354 HP under the hood and 8-speed automatic transmission, but until it enters the market, you may lavish yourself with stunning works of art made by the German producers, such as Audi A3 or Audi A4.

Long-term rental

A holiday in Dubai can be stress-free if you ask for premium compact cars for long-term rental in Dubai. Whether you would like to drive a Mercedes-Benz, an Audi A3 or a Lexus IS, one of these premium compact cars will suit your needs and will provide the highest comfort you are looking for. Long-term rental cars in Dubai are at the disposal of any tourist who wants to drive a premium compact car for more than just a couple of days and enjoy complete comfort wherever the roads might take him/her. Additionally, if you want to simply relax in the backseat of a premium compact car rented on long-term in Dubai, you can ask for a private chauffeur who can take you anywhere in the city, by following your needs and route. All the details about how you can rent a premium compact car on long-term in Dubai can be presented by our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.

You are invited to contact our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai if you need additional information or guidance about the premium compact cars to rent in Dubai.


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