Rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 14th August 2019

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Your trip in Dubai can be made of beautiful moments, fun with friends and a splendid car, such as a MINI Cooper. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer information and guidance if you want to rent a MINI Cooper for your exciting vacation in Dubai.  For private events or corporate use, you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai. The sporty, smooth MINI Cooper Hatchback is a suitable choice when you want something smaller, but don’t want to sacrifice space completely. You can choose some extra delight and flash with the MINI Cooper convertible model, available in our luxury car rental offer.

What makes MINI Cooper an exquisite and safe car

Illustrating its racing roots, the MINI Cooper can go from 0 to 96 km/h in just 7 seconds. It is also extremely fuel efficient, doing its job for both the environment and your wallet. You can switch between the Sports mode for more receptiveness, the Green mode for more efficacy, or stay in the Mid-mode for the best of both domains. Incorporated with high-end BMW engineering, you will always enjoy all its efficient high-tech structures, like a toggle ignition and keyless start. With Pandora included into the audio system, you will appreciate the music on your favorite radio stations. It also has great features for the comfort of driving, such as speed sensitive volume, Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats and parking assistance.

MINI Countryman for your visit to Burj Dubai

One of the famous symbols of Dubai is represented by Burj Khalifa, a stunning building with top architecture and incredible opulence. Visitors who decide to discover Dubai and its wonders can rent a MINI Cooper Countryman and enjoy a smart and well-made car. With inspiration from BMW X1, 134 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about 9 seconds, panoramic sunroof, dual-zone climate control and appreciated aerodynamics, a MINI Cooper Countryman is a plus-size MINI Cooper which distinguishes with refinement, competitiveness, solid foundation, and a distinct design. Such special car redefines the brand which always reinvented itself, complying with the automotive requests on the market.

Additionally to your top vacation in Dubai, our team of consultants can recommend you rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and enjoy the ultimate feelings on board of a fast and furious sports car

We have prepared a video about the reasons why you should rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai and we invite you to watch: 

MINI Cooper Electric Concept in 2017

As the electric automotive sector continues to develop, MINI Cooper launched an electric version with a complete battery pack and an electric powertrain. Auto experts consider that the new MINI Cooper Electric Concept is a modern reinterpretation of the future, with modified rocker panels, a more conventional look, four seats and a silver paint which matches with the rays of the sun within seconds. 150 HP seems sufficient for a MINI Cooper based on an electric engine. Even if the production will start in 2019, the waiting list is open, as customers are interested in having or testing electric cars.

Planning a charming vacation in Dubai? Make no compromises and rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai for your exquisite moments with family and friends. And even more, your attention can direct to a rented Ferrari in Dubai, one of the most appreciated sports cars in the world.

Discovering the technology on a MINI Cooper

Driving a MINI Cooper means discovering a series of great features among which the connection with all smart devices available on the market with the help of the multifunctional steering wheel and the MINI joystick. You can easily synchronize the mobile phone or the tablet with the on-board computer and also use the office functions at any time. And the good news is that you can use the MINI app and properly mix your phone with the gorgeous car. More than that, you can plan and coordinate your trip and find out information about the real-time traffic, gas stations, weather and many more. As for the audio system of the MINI Cooper, prepare yourself for a brand-new exciting experience and listen to any music you like, with the help of Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio and many more.

The retractable display offers navigation instructions, speed monitoring, and many other alerts. The parking assistant is quite brilliant and as soon as you decide to park, the car will tell you if there is enough space and will take control of the function. And don’t worry about the parallel parking because your MINI Cooper has ultrasonic waves and alerts to help you park with any problems.

MINI Cooper cars are spacious

If you think that MINI Cooper is a small car, you are definitely wrong! You can be shocked about how spacious a MINI Cooper is because it is a car that easily accommodates their special height in a very comfortable manner. There is plenty of legroom and enough space to feel comfortable and ready for a road trip at any time. We invite you to rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai and find out more about this special car as soon as you decide on a ride in this marvelous city.

A MINI Cooper for your affairs in Dubai

Renting a MINI Cooper in Dubai can be the ideal the choice for those persons looking to blend business and pleasure in the city. You can decide on pick and drop services straight from the airport to your hotel and then for any other occasion. Sightseeing in Dubai can be an interesting experience on board a very special car like MINI Cooper. This is definitely the choice of transportation for those kinds of tourists who would like to get rid of labels and definitions and choose instead the freedom of driving a fine and good-looking car. Whether you would like to go to Dubai Mall, visit the Emirates Tower or Jumeirah Beach, your road trip will be unquestionably a great one if you decide on a MINI Cooper for rent. Even if you decide on a not that formal meeting, you can drive a MINI Cooper, an iconic British brand recognized and deeply appreciated on an international scale. You will certainly make an entrance on board of a MINI Cooper, whether hatchback or convertible. Characterized by a sporty handling, personalized options, a firm ride, and a great design, Minis are great options for any occasions you might have, like a ride in the city, gatherings with friends, or short meetings with business partners. You can also decide on a private chauffeur if you would like to attend a party and explore the city as a simple passenger but in complete comfort. Let us remind you that our team of consultants is at your disposal if you would like to rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai for your personal good mood.

Long-term rental

Would you like to benefit from the excellent features of MINI Cooper for more than just a couple of days? Now is the time for you to explore even more the city and rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai on long-term without complicated formalities. If you think of renting a MINI Cooper in Dubai for only a few days, you might change your mind as soon as you drive in the city for a while. The amazing features and the beautiful interior are here to impress you from the very beginning, once you step into the car. For more than 20 years, the BMW brand owns this stunning British iconic car and each detail is carefully measured in order to deliver nothing but the finest MINI Cooper, an extremely appreciated vehicle anywhere in the world. If you rented a luxury car in Dubai for a few days and you decide on driving a new car, we recommend you rent a MINI Cooper on long-term and continue your vacation in a very positive manner, on board of an adorable and appreciated vehicle.

Why rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai?

You cannot have doubts if you should rent a MINI or not. It is recommended to take the chance of renting and driving such an amazing car and simply enjoy a British piece of art without any regrets. And just like in the case of any other car, the fabrics do matter: MINI Cooper cars have the finest interior with top leather and stunning wood elements that go along with the incredible design. It is a tradition to customize each car by authentic artisans who give their best on each detail with talent and commitment. Enjoy the superior leather which is carefully selected, including for the sporty steering wheel and seats. MINI cars are perceived as small cars, but in reality, these are extremely spacious and suit most of the needs in matters of luggage and personal space. 

You can also select a MINI Cooper for rent in Dubai of you would like a simple, yet sophisticated comfort on board a delightful car that can deliver joy, lavishness, and confidence. We also remind that you can rent our luxury cars in Dubai and choose vehicles like Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Lincoln, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti for a long-term or short-term rental. Let us present you our collection and also the services you can receive in the beautiful city of Dubai.

Short story of MINI Cooper

Mini (stylized as MINI) is a British automotive brand owned by BMW which specializes in small vehicles. The original MINI was a line of iconic British small cars produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1959 until 2000. Performance varieties of these models used the name Cooper, due to collaboration with racing star John Cooper. The original two-door Mini was produced until 2000. Expansion of the brand started in 1995 and a new generation of cars was launched in 2001. In the 1980s, British Leyland was broken-up and in 1988 the Rover Group, including MINI, was assimilated by British Aerospace. In 1994, Rover Group was assimilated by BMW and in 2000, the Rover Group was broken up by BMW, with BMW holding the MINI marque. In 1998, BMW set out to making the production of MINI, changing the design after many studies in the field.  In February 2005, BMW publicized an investment of about  £100 million in the MINI plant in Oxford, United Kingdom, creating 200 new jobs and allowing manufacture output to be amplified by 20%.

Nowadays, MINI Cooper is an excellent choice for people who need the safety on the roads and unforgettable driving experience.

We invite you to contact our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai for additional information about how to rent a MINI Cooper in Dubai.