Rent a Ferrari and Visit Jumeirah Beach

Updated on Thursday 13th June 2019

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Rent a Ferrari and Visit Jumeirah Beach Image
There are varied reasons why a car like Ferrari is one of the most expensive and appreciated sports cars worldwide. And there are also many reasons why you should rent a Ferrari in Dubai and visit the most exciting places of this unique metropolis. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can present you our exquisite fleet of Ferrari cars for rent from which you can choose the suitable one that can drive you in a special place like Jumeirah Beach.

Explore Jumeirah Beach on board of an exotic Ferrari

Jumeirah Beach is found in the Persian Gulf, next to Dubai Marina, a well-known resort in the city, and it is a preferred destination for both tourists and locals. With white soft sands washed by the turquoise waters, Jumeirah Beach became quite fast the jewel of Dubai’s crown, where you can see opulence, enjoy all kinds of aquatic sports and drive expensive cars next to the beach. Don’t be surprised if you see a Ferrari 488 Spyder, Ferrari FF Silver, Ferrari California T or Ferrari 812 Superfast driven by wealthy sheiks or tourists in search of special spoil moments. You can also rent a Ferrari in Dubai and see for yourself why this amazing car is on top of its category due to its superpowers, astounding look, and excellent performances. With a power ranging from 483 and 730 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and the red-hot color everyone can recognize instantly, Ferrari is a symbol of power, lavishness, and top performances.

You will have no regrets if you rent a Ferrari in Dubai and transform your already great vacation into an even more special one on a board of a precious car like this, driving to Jumeirah beach. Furthermore, tourists who want to define opulence with their own words and feeling have the possibility of renting a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and discover why this car is also preferred by rich men with good taste.

A Ferrari is irresistible

Having second thoughts, whether to rent a Ferrari or any other sports cars to complete your top vacation? Let us remind you that a Ferrari is irresistible, a great sports car you will want to drive forever, due to its outstanding performances, comfort, and power. Ferrari is an iconic sports car, it is ferocious, super fast and adrenaline-addict, and you can have all these sensations as soon as you step into this beautiful jewel on four wheels. Make no compromises and let yourself surprised by a Ferrari while driving to the beautiful Jumeirah beach in Dubai.

Long-term rental

If you would like to prolong your vacation in Dubai and still benefit from complete rental car services, you can decide on long-term rental in Dubai. You have the possibility of driving a rented Ferrari as long as you want, no matter if your visit is for pleasure or for business. Long-term car rental in Dubai is often the choice of foreigners who would rather stay safe when it comes to the proper meaning of transportation. It is good to know that the hiring company is in charge of matters like car insurance, servicing costs and registration fees as soon as you decide for long-term car rentals in Dubai. As for Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai, these are at your disposal right from the start, as soon as you arrive in the city. Among the luxury car rental services we can offer in Dubai, we mention that you can ask for a private chauffeur or better yet, you can take your rented Ferrari straight from the airport.

You can count on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, as soon as you arrive in the city. Our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai are pleased to offer details about our luxury cars for rent in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.


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