FXX-K Evo is Ferrari's New Toy

Updated on Monday 22nd January 2018

Ferrari is known for its tremendous releases on the automotive market, where imagination has no limits. In big lines, this is how Ferrari FXX-K Evo made its entrance, placing the force as the main element of this incredible sports car. If you want to make your dreams come true and rent a Ferrari in Dubai, we can completely help. Our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai can provide you with the necessary information about how to rent luxury cars in Dubai and enjoy a suitable means of transportation.

Playing with extreme sensations on board

Ferrari FXX K Evo has its roots in another well-received anniversary toy, LaFerrari, but with particular attributes among which we mention the improved downforce. The design of this car is hard to describe, but the astonishing appearance made a great impression at first sight. You will be surprised by the overwhelming sporty look with perfect lines and gorgeous shapes that set out a stunning race car made for road purposes. The cherry on top is represented by the 1036 HP under the hood which turn the car into a real beast to achieve 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Quite impressive!

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What’s new on Ferrari FXX-K Evo?

Enhanced downforce, new aerodynamics, adjusted suspension for efficiency, carbon-fiber boards, lightweight elements, a new steering wheel to stand with the force of FXX, red Ferrari accents on sides, a big central fin to augment stability, enflamed rear wheel arch vents and integrated gear-shifting paddles are only a few of the main innovations which Ferrari used to refresh the overall stunning look. The digital display is brand-new and offers complete techs at high standards.

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