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Updated on Tuesday 20th June 2017

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Dubai is the place that perfectly combines vision and execution. It delivers a perfect experience that splendidly incorporates finance, business, logistics, tourism, and trade unlike any other city in the world. The infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates is extremely developed. The UAE top priority is making its infrastructure the best in the world when it comes to quality, but in a sustainable manner. Saying that transportation in Dubai is highly developed would be an understatement. If you want a special holiday, we invite you to discover our select fleet of cars from which you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, one of the most wanted cars worldwide. Any car you might want to drive or select as your transportation means, we remind that you can solicit help and information from our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.

Types of public transportation in Dubai

Dubai is the city that found a harmonious way of combining the modern with the traditional. While it is the city with the fastest worldwide infrastructure and architecture development, the multicultural metropolis also cares for keeping traditional Dubai transportation alive. From abras (traditional wooden motor boats) and water taxis to metro, Dubai has a wide range of public transportation alternatives. Although the most popular and recommended way of getting around and truly enjoying the city is by driving or renting a luxury car in Dubai, public transportation is still a widely used option for those who cannot afford car rental services. But if you decide to lavish yourself in a special holiday, let us remind that you can rent a sports car in Dubai for utmost feelings behind the wheel.

Abras and water taxis

If you want to cross the creek or travel on water, you can use abras, traditional wooden motor boats. Also, Dubai has a water taxi service that can transport up to 10 passengers and is equipped with ramp access, air-conditioning and LCD screens. Unlike abras, water taxis can also navigate the gulf waters and can be used to reach many locations, such as Deira Old Souk, by booking a ride in advance.

Buses and taxis

Dubai’s bus network connects the industrial, business and residential areas. Buses can be used during the day and night, but also as a way of traveling between the Emirates. Dubai has implemented air-conditioned bus stops in order to make people feel more comfortable while waiting for a bus. After traveling by personal car, the second most popular way of transportation is by taxi. You can choose between catching a taxi in public places anywhere in Dubai or take advantage of the online taxi reservation service. For women who don’t feel comfortable or safe with male drivers, there is such thing as booking a “pink taxi” that comes with a female driver.

The metro

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been running two metro lines in Dubai since 2009: the green and the red line. The two metro lines have different routes and destinations and have special cabins for women and children. You can purchase a Nol card from RTA outlets in order to use some means of public transportation in Dubai like water taxis, buses, and metro.

What you need to know about the transportation in Dubai

If you want to travel by metro in Dubai, it is good to know that the entire system is automated, fast and reliable. You will be amazed by the technology implemented with this primary means of transportation in Dubai. The buses in Dubai are also a proper means of transportation while exploring the city. Because you cannot get to Jumeirah Beach by metro, the bus is a suitable option for you. Moreover, you can pay your trip with a credit card as soon as you get on the bus. The Dubai Tram was launched in 2014 and it is a great part of the transportation system in the city, available for everyone who wants to discover the city from a different angle.

Rent a luxurious car in Dubai and drive in style

Besides choosing the public transportation in Dubai (metro, tram, bus, taxi), you have the chance to dream big and to transform your journey into a great one if you rent a luxury car in Dubai. Our remarkable fleet of cars is at your disposal as soon as you decide to pamper yourself with something outstanding. You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai, a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley for complete lavishness and unthinkable memories. Treat yourself with good sensations behind the wheel of a luxurious car while sightseeing a special city like Dubai. Whether you are here for business or just as a tourist, make sure to choose the proper means of transportation in Dubai. A personalized offer can be solicited as soon as you arrive in the city.

If you want to know more details about the means of transportation in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai?

Dubai has the most modern, advanced and perfectly developed infrastructure of any other city in the region. Besides its public transportation, the world-class airports, seaports and the incredible building structures that make Dubai unique in the world and attract international investors and tourists, Dubai is also famous for its magnificent highways and flyovers. The metropolis’ road network contributes significantly to its legendarily luxurious lifestyle and increases the driving quality for those who are passionate about their premium vehicles or their luxurious Dubai rental cars

Dubai roads were specially made to be cruised by the most interesting cars known to man. From exotic sports cars to executive luxury sedans and imposing head-turning SUVs, there is no rental luxury car in Dubai that you will not want to take for a spin on the city’s perfectly smooth and congestion-free roads.
You can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, so please feel free to contact our team for complete information.


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