Visit Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 25th July 2017

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While exploring Dubai, it is recommended to visit the most photographed mosque in the world, Jumeirah Mosque. Built in 1976, Jumeirah Mosque invites both Muslims and non-Muslims to admire how religion and culture successfully blend, apart from the opulence and futuristic elements of Dubai. If you want to discover Dubai and its famous places, we invite you to rent luxury cars in Dubai. In this matter, our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to offer information and recommendations about our outstanding fleet of cars.

Jumeirah Mosque, a symbol of Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai organizes the tours at Jumeirah Mosque, where tourists worldwide, no matter the religion, are invited to discover and appreciate the Arabian culture. The story of Jumeirah Mosque starts in 1976, when the edifice was created in the medieval Fatimid tradition as a compliment to the Arabian culture and architecture in Dubai, around a black stone, according to the history. Once you get there, you’ll be amazed by the white structure also made with modern elements which shine in the golden light of the sun. The tour starts with the ritual of wudhu made by volunteers of the mosque, which represents a cleaning before starting a prayer. Then, the visitors are welcomed to enter the first room, a beautifully decorated chamber and to admire an amazing painting of Mecca. This is where the host explains the five Pillars of Islam: Shahada (Belief), Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Donation), Sawn (Fasting), and Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca). Visitors have the chance to an open discussion with the host and to ask questions about the Arabian culture and its secrecies. 

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Tips to consider before visiting Jumeirah Mosque

Tourists who want to visit the Jumeirah Mosque do not need an appointment, but as a strict rule, it is suggested to dress properly both men and women, with the mention that ladies need to cover their heads. The beautiful mosque can be visited six days per week, but keep in mind that Friday is closed for visitors. You can also bring your camera and capture the best moments while admiring the amazing Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai.

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