Swim with the Dolphins at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 18th July 2017

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Swim with the Dolphins at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai Image
A to-do-list with Dubai’s main attractions should be completed with a swimming session with the dolphins at Atlantis the Palm. The joy of playing with these incredible animals can be excellent memories from a city with lots of opportunities. Let us remind you that our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can help you with the means of transportation while you enjoy your holiday. Furthermore, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and see why this vehicle is so special.

Exclusive moments with the dolphins in Dubai

Tourists in search of interesting activities in the amazing Dubai have the possibility of swimming with the dolphins. The friendly dolphins are ready to meet anyone, whether kids over 12 in search of happiness or adults looking to experience something unique. But get ready for more: a meeting with the dolphins is not just a simple swimming session, it can be spiced up with all kinds of moments. One of the best instants will definitely be the one where the adult or the child is pushed by two dolphins to swim away into the lagoon. The professional trainers will supervise the entire moment and visitors will have the chance to get more information about the dolphins, and about all kinds of marine animals. The exclusive moments with the dolphins, where kisses and hugs are on the menu, can be captured on camera and kept as souvenirs from a perfect trip, so make sure not to miss the photo session with your friendly dolphin beside. 

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Why swimming with the dolphins is an amazing experience?

Without a doubt, the dolphins are great and intelligent marine creatures, loved by everyone. They are extremely friendly, they can connect in a special way with the kids, and they can make funny shows in the water, enough reasons to be amazed by these smart animals and to choose a swimming session with them. The interaction with the dolphins is simply an outstanding moment or an amazing experience, making people extremely emotional and wanting for the moment to last a lifetime.

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