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Updated on Tuesday 07th March 2017

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The German car producers of Volkswagen tried and successfully created a beautiful sports car, the Eos compact cabriolet model, which came after the production ended for Volkswagen Corrado in 1995. The design it quite attractive and if you want to rent a Volkswagen Eos in Dubai you are invited to solicit guidance from our representatives. It is good to know that our prestigious fleet can be presented by our luxury car rental agents in Dubai. If you have planned a holiday in the city and you wish to taste some adrenaline and to enjoy complete lavishness, you also have the possibility to rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Volkswagen Eos is a smart little combo

Although is not a powerful car, Volkswagen Eos is for sure a great option for rides in the city, as a smart open-air luxurious convertible. With 200 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under seven seconds, gorgeous looks and magnificent interiors, Volkswagen Eos offers stability down the roads, confidence behind the wheel and definitely special moments only a beautiful convertible can offer.

You are invited to discover our remarkable fleet and to rent luxury cars in Dubai. We remind that you have the possibility to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai if you have special tastes in luxurious cars and you want to amaze on your exclusive meetings.

Short story of Volkswagen Eos

Eos means “goddess of the dawn” in the Greek language, a suitable name for a beautiful car like Volkswagen Eos convertible. The production for this car stated in 2006 and ended in 2015, but the models are still available on the market, the US being the most enchanted by the Volkswagen Eos. The concept car was launched in 2004, where the auto builders created the five-piece folding roof which needed only 25 seconds to open. A facelift with interesting improvements like special custom wheels, black interiors, and candy white-colored body came in 2010 and made the Volkswagen Eos Cabriolet a suitable and luxurious option for people in love with coupe cars.

If you want to rent a Volkswagen Eos in Dubai, we invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental consultants in Dubai.


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