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Updated on Sunday 26th November 2017

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The turquoise waters in Dubai can be admired on board of a rented luxury yacht which is at your disposal with the help from our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai. Whether you are looking for a relaxing time with friends and family members on a yacht cruising along the spectacular coastline of Dubai or you wish to impress your business associates with your excellent taste in matters of opulence and luxury, we are ready to welcome each particular request you might have. As for persons interested in renting luxury cars in Dubai, our remarkable fleet stands on top requirements, whether dreaming of sports cars or luxury vehicles for personal matters of corporate purposes.

A tour with a rented yacht in Dubai – what to expect

Burj al Arab, Burj Dubai, the Emirates Towers are well-known architectural marvels and symbols of the Emirates which can be admired in a very special way, on the board of a rented yacht in Dubai. Our clients should expect nothing but the best in matters of amenities and facilities, where good food, music, and atmosphere are part of a well-made and over the top yacht cruising in Dubai. The ultimate comfort comes with a rented yacht in Dubai, no matter if you have a special anniversary, a corporate event, a family gathering or an exclusive journey where lavishness is on the main menu. Let yourself be surprised by our fleet of luxury yachts in Dubai, ready to transform your already top vacation into an even more exciting one.

Apart from this kind of service, we remind that you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai, a stunning and luxurious vehicle, ready to impress on the first key contact. Adrenaline lovers seeking for adventures and delightful driving experiences are invited to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, one of our very special vehicle designed to accomplish dreams.

To understand the reasons why you should rent a yacht in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


When you should rent a yacht in Dubai

Winters and springs in Dubai are warm and pleasant. From December until April, visitors can enjoy great vacations in Dubai, where renting a yacht might be a splendid idea, especially if they want to explore the city from a different point of view. A wide variety of luxury yachts can be admired each year in March at the International Dubai Boat Show. May and June are also great months for you to rent a luxurious yacht in Dubai and cruise on the Arabian Gulf and its delightful turquoise waters.

Why rent a yacht in Dubai?

Without a doubt, a yacht cruise may come in addition to your splendid holiday in Dubai, if you have decided for a special time in a distinct background. Among reasons why you should rent a yacht in Dubai we remind that you can rely on our special selection of cruisers, experienced crew, water activities and entertainment varieties on request, all these for a memorable experience and a journey you will not forget. Dreaming of a personalized cruise on the board of our rented luxury yacht in Dubai? We come in addition to your requests and desires by offering outstanding facilities, while you enjoy your special moments, cruising down the clear blue waters of Dubai and the amazing views of a city which needs no further presentation.

For any questions you might have about how to rent a yacht in Dubai or about our luxury car rental services in Dubai, we invite you to contact our team of consultants.


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