Rent a Lincoln and Visit Dubai International Art Centre

Updated on Tuesday 29th August 2017

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Rent a Lincoln and Visit Dubai International Art Centre Image
Paintings, drawings, sculptures or crafts made by well-known artists or locals can be found at Dubai International Art Centre, one of the main cultural attractions in the city. A different world can be seen and admired once you enter Dubai International Art Center, but to get there, we invite you to rent a Lincoln in Dubai and drive in style on board of an exquisite car on your way to a special place. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to offer details about how to rent a Lincoln in Dubai.  

Lincoln Continental blends the highest luxury with performances

Lincoln Continental is an American car which entered the market as a luxurious vehicle way back in the ‘30s, under the highest protection offered by Ford company. It is already settled that a Lincoln Continental is synonym to luxury and utmost comfort and each detail, starting with the wheels, the chassis and ending with the exquisite interiors made of leather in cream tones with soft touches of silver. With 400 HP, a panoramic roof which lets the passengers admire the stars, high-class infotainment and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only five seconds, Lincoln Continental is a declaration of quality, opulence and comfort, as these were the main aspects considered by the creators of the brand from the beginning. Your way to Dubai International Art Centre, one of the finest places for arts and tradition in the city, can be admired in a very special way if you rent a Lincoln Continental in Dubai.

And still speaking of extravagance, we remind that you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai, our finest masterpiece from our special fleet of luxury cars for rent.

Rent a Lincoln MKZ in Dubai and have a pleasant day

Looking to turn heads while driving a finest car like Lincoln MKZ? Or would you like to invite your friends or family members to Dubai International Art Centre, on board of a special vehicle like Lincoln MKZ? No matter the occasion, renting a Lincoln MKZ in Dubai can be your excellent option because this attractive car was redesigned to align with the requirements and expectations of the moment. With 300 HP, adjustable pedals, improved safety features and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in nine seconds, Lincoln MKZ is a mid-size luxury sedan which accomplishes each need you might have, not forgetting the highest comfort and deluxe everyone searches for.

Having doubts whether to choose a luxury car for rent or a sports car? Besides renting luxury cars in Dubai, you have the possibility of renting a Lamborghini in Dubai, a fast, reliable and striking sports car which in many cases needs no other introduction.

Why visit Dubai International Art Centre?

As a recommendation, a visit to Dubai International Art Center must be written on the to-do-list because this special place offers interesting workshops and courses for both parents and children in search of a different entertainment or they can test the artistic skills. As for the exhibitions held at Dubai International Art Centre, these can meet even the most sophisticated requirements because you can find art and culture signed by countries worldwide.

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