Rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 25th June 2019

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If you have decided it is time to spoil yourself with something unique and breathtaking, then you should rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai. Besides tasting the adrenaline and touching the freedom, you can enjoy a great ride in a city full of amazing opportunities. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with information and guidance if you want to rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai. You have also the possibility to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and to make a great entrance in front of your business associates or friends. 

Why is Jaguar XK a special car?

We do not exaggerate when we say that Jaguar XK is a special car because the British styling and the leaping lines will make you feel on top of the world when driving such a beautiful car. Here are some numbers that tell why is Jaguar XK a preferred luxury car for rent in Dubai:
  • 358 HP and a 5.0-liter V8 engine make Jaguar and ideal sedan for trips in Dubai.
  • acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is made in just 5 seconds.
  • 254 km/h is the maximum speed for Jaguar XK cars.
  • 2014 came with the last Jaguar XK models, with no other replacements.

Jaguar XK is a very special luxury car that offers complete emotions and joy behind the wheel, from the first moment you step in the car. And we can continue describing this remarkable and elegant sporty car. The advanced technology, with HD radio and features for all smartphones available on market, besides the adaptive cruise control, heated windshields and luxurious and spacious interiors are the foremost characteristics that make Jaguar XK an excellent option for people in love with well-made British cars.

As a reminder, you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai for your exclusive meetings or events in the city. You can also rent sports cars in Dubai if you wish to encounter brand new feelings behind the wheel. 

Jaguar XK Coupe in limited edition

Jaguar XK Coupe was the ultimately released model by the car company, in a struggle to convince the customers that the brand is still appreciated. Pretty much the entire design reminds of the first Jaguar sports car, with a long hood and the perfect image of the classic models back in the ‘60s. The boldness of Jaguar XK Coupe is described by the gunmetal-painted wheels, carbon fiber real spoilers, aerodynamic components, and a ventilated hood. The active front lighting for Jaguar XK Coupe is focused on the direction of steering effort and represented an innovation for the sports car in 2014. The sports attributes are amazing for Jaguar XK Coupe and that because there are 16 ways to adjust the sport seats. Quite impressive! Even if it is a comfortable car, there might be voices that say the backseats do not have sufficient space. Bright metallic pedals, HD radio, active front lighting, and interior touchscreen interface were the top techs for Jaguar XK in 2014. 

The models continue to impress whenever and wherever this car might be, so if you would like to rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai, feel free to address your requests to our team of consultants in Dubai.

Are pick and drop services available for Jaguar cars for rent in Dubai?

Yes, pick and drop services are at your disposal if you want to rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai. Once you selected your Jaguar XK for rent in Dubai, you can benefit from pick and drop services and get your car right from the airport when you arrive in the city. It is essential to have an ideal means of transportation in Dubai and make sure you won’t miss any hot spots during your vacation in the city. Pick and drop services in Dubai are perfect for tourists in search for comfort, luxury and confidence at any time, and a Jaguar XK for rent can be the perfect car to take them anywhere in the city. Additional information about pick and drop services in Dubai can be solicited from our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.

Jaguar XK for long-term rentals in Dubai

Looking for a long stay in Dubai and you need a perfect car for your daily needs? Let us recommend our long-term rental services in Dubai. A Jaguar XK for a long-term rental in Dubai can be an excellent choice for your needs in Dubai, whether you stay for business or for leisure in the city. The sporty elements combine in an excellent manner with the elegant and classy attributes of the car, making Jaguar XK one of its kind, and the ideal car you would want to drive for more than just a few days. A Jaguar XK is a great option for the type of tourists who want to discover the city and the main attractions. Dubai fountains, the Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Bastakia District, Dubai Mall, Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Creek, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, and Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House are only a few of the main attractions in Dubai, and the hot places you can arrive at on board of a great Jaguar XK in Dubai.

A private chauffeur for a rented Jaguar XK in Dubai

If you simply want to enjoy a stress-free vacation and lavish yourself in the backseat of a luxury car for rent in Dubai, you have the option of renting your own and dedicated private chauffeur. Your Jaguar XK for rent in Dubai can be discovered in a very special way if you decide on a private driver who can take you anywhere in the city, no matter the hours. You can drink your morning coffee at Burj Khalifa or you can experience the fun nights in Dubai, and all you have to do is to get your rented Jaguar XK and ask for a chauffeur. 

Short story of Jaguar XK

The first appearance on the market for Jaguar XK was in 1994. This superb grand tourer was expected to change the meaning of driving, due to its complete and perfect structure, which offers stability on the roads, elegance, confidence, and luxury. The first generation of Jaguar XK was quite a success, according to auto experts worldwide. The V8 engine was expected to be implemented on Jaguar cars, even in 1994. The tradition was kept on the second generation of 2006 Jaguar XK, but the producers planned to add innovations like Mercedes-Benz transmission, Japanese technology regarding the ignition system or the lighting structure made in France. In other words, worldwide car builders left their marks on such a beautiful and special car like Jaguar XK.

Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai?

Luxury sports cars, premium compact class, mid-size luxury vehicles or ultra-luxury cars are the top options for foreigners visiting Dubai and looking for complete luxury car rental services in Dubai.  Here is why you should decide on our rental services:
  1. Extravagance and comfort are two important features that describe in large lines the luxury services in Dubai, and the reasons why you should pay attention to our impressive car collection among which Roll-Royce for rent in Dubai, Jaguar XK, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW or Audi.
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  4. You can decide on renting a remarkable Ferrari in Dubai and plan your vacation in a very special way.
  5. Luxury and comfort are at your disposal if you want sports cars for rent in Dubai, or if you decide on renting a Jaguar XK in Dubai.

You are invited to contact our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai if you want to know more details about how to rent a Jaguar XK in Dubai.