Rent a Chevrolet Callaway C16 in Dubai

Updated on Monday 09th October 2017

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Wild and fast are two of the main attributes which describe the Callaway cars made by Chevrolet. The C16 model of Chevrolet comes in variants like Speedster, Cabrio, and Coupe and has its inspiration in well-known cars like Lamborghini Murcielago, or Ferrari F430. Renting a Chevrolet Callaway C16 in Dubai is for sure an astounding present you can offer as an exclusive driving experience for your friends and family. Set your vacation to a whole new level with a rented Rolls-Royce in Dubai, a stunning and luxurious car preferred by many sheiks and princes in the city. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to provide details about our fleet of vehicles.

Callaway C16, an irresistible Chevrolet

Chevrolet Callaway C16 gathers quite many characteristics like aerodynamics, wild styling, and stunning engineering, giving it a distinguished status of the fastest street car of all times. With 700 HP, V8 supercharged engine, a dramatic and attractive look and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, Chevrolet Callaway C16 represents an exquisite car with top performances. Custom sound system and special interiors are made on request of the client, and the car producers intend to add a touch of uniqueness by making helmets that match the colors of the beautiful Chevrolet Callaway C16.

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Short story of Chevrolet Callaway C16

Chevrolet Callaway C16 entered the market in 2006 and was designed to compete with cars like Porsche 911, Ferrari or Lamborghini. It all began as a dream of a driving instructor named Reeves Callaway who wanted to change Chevrolet cars into racing vehicles by adding more power under the hood. For many years, his company developed several projects with Chevrolet cars and signed his work with the initial of his name, and a number. Even BMW, Aston Martin, Audi or Mercedes-Benz have been important projects for Callaway, an inspired man who changed the auto sector with his stunning visions. The C16 model of Chevrolet has full leather interiors, carbon ceramic brakes, comfortable sports seats and a supercharged engine which completes the car’s aerodynamics and performances. This is how Callaway imagined a fast street car, having inspiration in well-known cars like Porsche or Ferrari.

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