Meet the New BMW M5, First Edition

Updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Meet the New BMW M5, First Edition Image
The new BMW M5 First Edition has been recently revealed by the German auto builder which promised that this executive car will not only impress with the heavy and attractive look but also with the features related to a sporty manner of driving. BMW cars for rent in Dubai are at your disposal, and complete information in this matter can be offered by our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai. You can also rent sports cars in Dubai if you have in mind something special for your vacation.

What’s new on BMW M5 First Edition?

From the beginning, we would like to mention that BMW M5 is a perfect blend of executive and sports features. Elegant and imposing, BMW M5 has a 4.4-liter V8 engine, rear-biased setup, 600 HP and an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission which helps the correct distribution of torque between the rear wheels for better stability, agility and traction. Such attributes will help drivers test the sports features on an executive car like the new BMW M5 and reach 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. Just like most automotive brands in the world, BMW makes no exception when it comes to technology and performances:
  1. The lightweight attributes are also present on BMW M5 due to a very special material that improves the performances of this car: carbon fiber reinforced plastic or CFRP that reduces the car’s weight and lowers the gravity center.
  2. The TwinPower Turbo technology is also present on BMW M5, aligning the care with ultimate forces on the market or special sports cars that already embraced the innovative technology. 
  3. BMW M5 focuses on the driving experience with special features like park distance control, adaptive full LED headlights and a dynamic digital instrument cluster that promises a stunning and unexpected driving mode that only a BMW can provide.
  4. BMW M5 First Edition is designed not only for competition but also for determination and boldness that are seen with every brand-new element implemented on the car.

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Is BMW M5 ready for action?

Yes, with high-class design elements and an aggressive look, BMW M5 demonstrates that it is not just a car to drive from one place to another, it is the perfect equilibrium between emotions, performances and special attributes, and therefore, ready for action. If you are looking for extreme agility and breathtaking drivability you cannot meet on a daily basis on every car, then BMW M5 is the perfect choice for you. This amazing car is ready for action at any time, sustained by the sports attributes and 600 HP that takes the drive into a very special driving experience. Being inspired by M3, a previous and extremely appreciated BMW model, BMW M5 First Edition’s rooftop is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for a lightweight sports model.

The special interior of BMW M5 first edition

The car looks amazing on the inside and on the outside, making any driver proud and happy for his/her extreme and appealing choice. The comfort is definitely a plus, but the special design makes you want to dream more. The interior is made of excellent materials like Alcantara anthracite trims, lightweight M sports seats, optimized climate control, a modern and outrageous sound system completed by a standard navigation system that offers anything you dreamed of in terms of technology. Luxury cars for rent in Dubai are excellent choices for tourists who would like to enjoy a very special vacation where there is no need for compromises. You are invited to rent a BMW in Dubai and find out why this amazing car is a top choice for many people looking for the highest comfort and performances.

BMW M5 First Edition – An extraordinary car for no ordinary man

BMW M5 First Edition definitely turns heads wherever it might be, and there is no wonder it was made in limited edition: there are only 400 units and therefore 400 lucky owners who enjoy a well-made German car that made history from its very beginning. The M5 First Edition model is definitely an extraordinary car with a unique color: frozen dark red metallic. The Sport exhaust system, full-leather upholstery with smoky-white tomes, the aesthetic and modern sporty lines, the multi-functional sporty seats, the deluxe inside elements, the light-alloy black wheels, the V8 twin power turbo engine, and the custom-made equipment for each BMW owner make the M5 First edition model unique and ready to impress from the very beginning. Let yourself spoiled on board of BMW M5 First Edition and be ready for a brand-new driving experience in a city with lots of special possibilities.

Why is the new BMW M5 First Edition a special car?

The new BMW M5 comes in a stunning color: frozen dark metallic red. This unique color has been attentively selected to match the outstanding interiors made of quality fabrics as the car designers imposed such attributes from the beginning of the luxury brand. The light alloy wheels match perfectly with the overall stunning look of the car, making it even more luxurious, exclusive and, without a doubt, perfect. A BMW M5 comes with three different modes of driving like the quick one, the efficient manner, and the sporty mode.

Why you should rent a BMW in Dubai

BMW cars are meant to please every particular taste and to offer nothing but an excellent driving experience once discovered. It is a well-known fact that BMW cars are special and characterized by a series of spectacular and fabulous elements, each one of them promising that dreams do come true if you believe enough. Renting BMW cars in Dubai means having a wonderful time on board of a luxurious vehicle considered one of the most appealing and appreciated cars in the world. Made with full attention to each and every detail, no wonder BMW cars are sold in a large number on an international scale. Whether you need a car for business affairs you might have in Dubai or for your personal comfort while discovering the amazing city, do not hesitate to rent a BMW in Dubai and prepare yourself for delightful experience not that easy to forget. You can also direct your attention to special luxury cars like Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lexus, Cadillac or Infiniti, and talk to our consultants about how you can rent such remarkable cars.

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