Enjoy a Polo Experience in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 13th July 2017

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Once you get to Dubai, it is impetuous to try a polo session, an exquisite and preferred sport in the UAE. Leaving behind the golden sands, tourists can enjoy a polo session at the special centers in Dubai, both playing or watching pros on the field. And speaking of exclusive moments, you are invited to rent luxury cars in Dubai and feel just like the rich sheiks on your refined holiday in a city full of unthinkable opportunities. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to offer you information about our deluxe fleet of cars from which you can choose in accordance to your needs.

Why choose a polo session in Dubai?

The first answer that crosses our mind is why not? Dubai is known for its different ways of entertainment, where polo leads the top. This special sport is popular among royal families in the UAE, where all kinds of tournaments take place a few times in a year under complete attention from media and also polo fans worldwide. It is good to know that polo can be played only from October until April when the temperatures are low compared to the ones in the summer, the UAE being known for its hot season. The Desert Palm in Dubai is the biggest polo club in the UAE, owned by Sheik Ali Albawardy, and where every year there are three major polo tournaments. The excitement of watching a polo tournament can be transferred within seconds for tourists, no matter the age, who want to give it a try and to enjoy this special sport.  

The equestrian activities at the polo clubs in Dubai are also preferred by visitors in search of a different kind of entertainment. And for this special moment, you can make a great entrance with a Lamborghini for rent in Dubai or with any luxury or sports car you can request from our fleet.

Polo in Dubai, an experience you cannot forget

The purebred Arabian horses can be admired once you enter a polo club in Dubai. The equestrian polo is definitely a unique experience which you can enjoy once you schedule a trip to Dubai. Besides that, you can visit the amazing city, from one corner to another with a proper means of transportation if you choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai. Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Bentley or Rolls-Royce are luxury car brands you can enjoy and drive once you arrive in Dubai.

For extra information about how to rent a luxury car in Dubai, we invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.


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