Discover Old Dubai at Bastakia Quarter

Updated on Monday 24th July 2017

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Tourists who want to understand more about the Arabian culture are invited to explore the most charming heritage place at Bastakia Quarter in Dubai, a site different from the opulence the Emirates offer daily. The history of this amazing place starts in the 19th century when Persians came for trading activities at low tariffs. Today, Bastakia Quarter offers to visitors a small but important part of the tradition and culture of the Arabs. If you want to visit Bastakia Quarter, let us remind that you can rent luxury cars in Dubai and enjoy a suitable means of transportation in the city. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to provide you with information and recommendations about our generous fleet of cars from which you can select the type of vehicle that suits most.

Bastakia Quarter, a must-see place in Dubai

Bastak is a town in Iran from which numerous Persian merchants traveled to the Emirates in search of trading affairs way back in the 19th century. This is how the neighborhood was named Bastakia, being now considered as the heart of Dubai. Tourists can admire the Arabian architecture, with houses that have been restored but still preserving the image of the Persian white homes, where the wind towers are symbols of that period. Most houses are open to public and visitors can enjoy a stroll in the peaceful courtyards, listening only to the sound of dripping cascades and admiring the beautiful colored bougainvillea flowers. The Bastakia Quarter represents the old Dubai left just like it was, with no touch of modern or innovation. Tourists who want to explore the other side of Dubai, with its opulence and deluxe, are invited to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai. As for the adrenaline seekers, they can rent sports cars in Dubai and meet brand-new feelings behind the wheel of a powerful sports car.

Explore Bastakia Quarter and create new memories in Dubai

Bastakia Quarter is home to numerous art galleries where paintings of local artists can be seen by visitors, who can also enjoy an Arabian coffee offered in the special gardens. If you schedule a Saturday visit to Bastakia Quarter, you can discover the bazaar market held each week. Fashion, books, hand-made objects, the spice market, a great coffee, home-made delights and above all the pleasure of discovering the Arabian culture in a special place are part of a beautiful Saturday morning in Dubai. If you want to go to Bastakia Quarter, you have to drive to Dubai Creek and stop at Al Fahidi Street.

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