Why is Cadillac a Premier Luxury Car Brand

Updated on Sunday 04th September 2016

Why is Cadillac a Premier Luxury Car Brand Image
The Cadillac saw the daylight in Detroit, USA, in October 1902 and since then, it continued to impress with elegance, luxury and perfect reputation, being among the oldest car brands worldwide. It was named after a well-known explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the one who discovered and established Detroit in 1701. And that was the beginning of a blooming industrial city where the first automobile factories appeared, and here we mention the Detroit Automobile Company.

The amazing history of Cadillac

Without a doubt, the Cadillac impressed from its first appearance, with 10 HP and a single cylinder engine, an innovation quite expected in those times. The first cars were named Tonneau and Runabout, they were created with two-seat horseless carriages and they were launched in 1903 in New York’s Automobile Show. It was enough to impress the crowd with the latest technology, therefore Cadillac started to have extraordinary sales. The brand new vehicles offered reliability and confidence behind the wheel and developed quite fast compared to its big opponents like Ford or Buick.

1905 came with major changes for Cadillac. The brand fused with Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing and then started to create luxury cars, focusing on engineering, deluxe interiors and exteriors, soon being one of the best cars in the USA. The General Motors bought Cadillac in 1909 and transformed this incredible and luxurious car into a special vehicle with electric ignition, lights and many other significant enhancements.

From 1909 until 1941, Caddy came with lots of changes and the important ones remained in history as major discoveries adopted by many other important car brands worldwide. We just want to mention a few of them, such as manual transmission, a first V16 engine, 165 HP and a high speed of 105 km/h. 1941 came with automatic transmission, independent front suspension and Philips technology for brand new Caddies, making this American beauty a well-known vehicle worldwide. After the World War II, Cadillac implemented brand new features that contained the use of chrome. The major exterior changes, like the use of curved glass windshield, and the deluxe appearance made Cadillac a wanted car by presidents and important personalities of that era, like Franklin Roosevelt or Al Capone, the last one offering to the president his bulletproof vehicle for the Pearl Harbor events in December 1941.

Facts you didn’t know about Cadillac

In 1910 Cadillac invented the first car with sheltered cabins. It was the perfect solution for not hearing the engine’s noise. In the early 1920s Cadillac came with a V8 engine, transforming cars into more silent vehicles. The first Cadillac slogan was “the standard of the world” and its manufacturers won the Dewar Trophy for creating high-class vehicles and putting accent on engineering.
Nowadays, Cadillac continues to impress with high-class technology, sharp forms, incredible and luxurious design, all features being available for SUVs, crossovers or roadsters. Cadillac is definitely a premier luxury car brand, according to specialists and worldwide major sales.

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