Water Transportation in Dubai

Updated on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Dubai has an advanced and impeccable developed and upgraded infrastructure than any other city in the UAE. 

The metropolis’ road structure brings an important contribution to its legendarily exclusive lifestyle and rises the driving quality for persons who are passionate about their top cars or their luxurious Dubai rental cars

Besides renting a luxury car in Dubai, you can also choose the marine transportation services in the city, and the residents and visitors are stimulated to use them in an effort to decrease the road traffic.

The main public water transportation contains water taxis, abras, water buses and Dubai ferries.


Abras are traditional means of marine transport in Dubai and are considered to be one of the oldest types of transportation.

There are two categories of Abras that you can use while travelling around Dubai: rowing Abra and the motorized Abra

The motorized type helps visitors and rezidents to move pleasantly across Dubai Creek wings, connecting  Deira and Bur Dubai zones for a reasonable fee. 

If you wish to have a great walk in Dubai with traditional Abras, you should first of all check the operation times.

It’s good to know that Abras run from 5AM until 12PM, and that Abra route number 2 works 24 hours a day.

The water bus

The water bus is an extremely innovative and modern water transportation service that offers comfort, luxury and beautiful destinations to its customers.

You can choose from the two important routes, like Dubai Creek, taking the water bus from Al Seef station to Dubai Souk, and Dubai Marina, taking the bus from Marina Walk station to Marina Promenade.

The water buses come at every 15 minutes and you can get a one-day ticket for all the water bus facilities at Dubai Marina.

The water taxi

Dubai's water taxi is a water transit way that offers ultimate discretion and extravagance. 

Visitors can book a trip on the water taxis online or dialing the toll-free number 8009090. When reserved, the water taxi will come to the nearest station to your location and the services are available from 10AM to 10PM. 

Dubai Ferry 

This kind of marine transportation was launched by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authorities) to raise the level of water transit facilities, and is considered to be a significant connection to the transport structure of Dubai.

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