Visit the Emirates Towers in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 20th April 2017

Visit the Emirates Towers in Dubai Image
The Emirates Towers in Dubai are meant to show the world what high-class technology is and how the future looks like. While on vacation, you can visit the Emirates Towers in Dubai and enjoy the deluxe hotels and the shopping galleries found here. We remind that a perfect vacation starts with a great means of transportation, which is why our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai can help you in this matter. For instance, you can rent luxury cars in Dubai and benefit from complete lavishness behind the wheel of an outstanding car.

What you need to know about the Emirates Towers

Covered with reflective silver glass and having triangular shapes, the two towers, Jumeirah Towers and the Emirates Office Tower can catch the sunlight and transform it into a beautiful color game, giving a full image of the desert sun and lighting the nights in Dubai. Once you enter the towers you can choose from a wide range of luxurious hotels, deluxe restaurants and shopping galleries with famous brands worldwide. There is also a curiosity related to the design of the towers. Both have the same heights, but one of the towers has 56 flats, with two more than the other one. Actually, the facts are quite simple: the heights of the individual floor of the office tower are bigger than that of the hotel tower in Dubai. Having a flawless appearance also implies a good car besides the suit and tie, which is why we recommend you rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and enjoy a deluxe car with all-inclusive amenities. 

The Emirates Towers are more than luxurious

Once you arrive in Dubai, the opulence of the architecture will strike you instantly. A futuristic metropolis like Dubai needed remarkable buildings like the Emirate Towers where luxury and good taste come as you step inside. Top chefs can arrange your exclusive meals at one of the beautiful restaurants at the Emirates Towers in Dubai. Dreaming of deluxe amenities, special spa moments and complete lavishness in a city which needs no introduction? Have some time and visit the Emirates Towers and even book a luxurious hotel room. You will definitely have no regrets!

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