The New Porsche Panamera Will be Launched in 2017

Updated on Monday 05th December 2016

The New Porsche Panamera Will be Launched in 2017 Image
Extremely spacious, beautifully shaped and remarkably improved, the new Porsche Panamera will be seen down the streets of Dubai in 2017. But until then, let’s make a short and interesting review about this luxurious car. Before we do, we remind that our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with information and details if you want to rent a Porsche in Dubai. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are ready to offer complete deluxe and elegance, no matter the type of visit you might have in the city. And for additional adrenaline and confidence, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai.

Why is Porsche Panamera a car that you will never forget?

When they designed the Porsche Panamera, the manufacturers wanted to combine a sporty car with a luxurious sedan. This is how the new Porsche Panamera was created, considering it was built from zero. The cars come with a brand new engine, an amazing design, and outstanding performances, reminding everyone that Porsche Panamera will be the perfect car that you will never forget if you have the chance to drive such beauty. The new Porsche Panamera presents details from the 911 Porsche, but with additional power, 550 HP, for the Turbo model and acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S has 600 HP and was intended to offer maximum efficiency, high speed and great stability on the roads and will implement the executive look.

Luxury, comfort, and power are perfectly combined

The stability between luxury, comfort, performance and power may be encountered only if you drive the new Porsche Panamera in 2017. Besides that, Porsche Panamera comes with high-class technology and incredible digital functions, like “Porsche Communication Management” which connects the smartphones and any other advanced communication tool with the vehicle, and can allow you to control it with special apps available for download on the official website of this brand.

The new Porsche Panamera comes with outstanding exteriors, dynamic curves where elegant features combine extremely well with the sporty look. The creators of such beautiful car used the iconic elements of a sporty car and set up brand new side windows, without changing that much the entire design.

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