The Long Wheel-Base XJ50 from Jaguar

Updated on Friday 26th October 2018

The highest comfort and the advanced driving technologies are now presented by Jaguar XJ50, a performant car which is going to be available on the market in 2019. Offering exceptional tuning is no longer a secret for the car producers of Jaguar, as they are focused on a new category of customers, those interested in top luxury and extravagance. We invite you to discover our luxury car rental services in Dubai and choose the vehicle you wish to enjoy in this wonderful city, in accordance with your events. Also, our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai are at your service for any details regarding the ways in which you can rent luxury cars in Dubai.

Style might be the middle-name of Jaguar XJ50

Jaguar cars are genuinely distinctive among the vehicles on the market and the idea of creating an even more luxurious vehicle came naturally. The advanced technology aligns with today's’ requirements on the market, as the producers wanted to take the style and refinement to a whole new level. The light aluminum chassis sustains the agility and the car's strength, in order to pass the test of poor road surfaces at certain points. And the great news is that XJ50 is made of recycled aluminum sources, reminding the importance of environmental protection nowadays. The engine is meant to satisfy varied driving necessities with complete focus on performances.

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Jaguar XJ50 is a luxurious sedan

The brilliant technologies are not missing from the brand-new Jaguar model, XJ50. The quality of craftsmanship needs to be discovered as soon as you decide on driving such an amazing vehicle. Without a doubt, Jaguar XJ50 is a luxurious long wheel-base car with an interior that reflects the good taste, the quality and the style that match the special customer looking for such attributes on a car. This is not just a new sedan on the market, this is Jaguar XJ50 with excellent finishing touches made of top materials that offer deluxe moments as soon as it is discovered.

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