The $3 Million Ferrari Pininfarina

Updated on Wednesday 19th October 2016

The $3 Million Ferrari Pininfarina Image
At the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, Ferrari Pininfarina was proudly presented to everyone who wondered how perfection looks like. This piece of art was designed by the Ferrari’s brilliant mind, Sergio Pininfarina. And speaking of amazing cars, we remind that you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai if you wish an amazing driving experience in a great car. Our luxury car rental agents are more than pleased to provide you with details about how to rent a luxury car in Dubai.

Let’s meet the $3 million Ferrari Pininfarina

With acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, 597 HP, 4.5 liter V8 engine and aerodynamics that lead you to Formula 1, Ferrari Pininfarina is definitely a super sports car that every man dreams of. And if we enter into details, we can observe the 60s attractive car style, with perfect lines, amazing shape, and perfectly color mix. Without any doubts, the red and the black colors are associated with the Ferrari concept. But if you have about $3 million, you can definitely choose the colors and the features you like.

Sergio Pininfarina, a brilliant mind who dared to cross the limits

When you say Pininfarina, you think of Italy’s best cars ever made. Sergio Pininfarina was an Italian engineer, with excellent visions about how the perfect car should look like. Carozzeria Pininfarina was the company that created exclusive designs for Ferrari and many other outstanding car brands worldwide. In 1966, Sergio becomes the chairman of the company, but still works on his ideas and this is how Ferrari Dino Berlinette appears. It was a special moment in those times, due to the incredible innovations of Ferrari Dino that modernized and developed the car industry. The Ferrari we know nowadays is created with the brilliant mind of Pininfarina, who came with incredible ideas about how to perfectly match technology and engineering with design and construction. In 1983, General Motors asked Pininfarina for a new design for its outstanding Cadillac, and in 1996 Mitsubishi asked for the same thing.

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