Spend Quality Time at Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Updated on Friday 14th April 2017

Spend Quality Time at Dubai Marina Yacht Club Image
People in search of private and unique moments in Dubai should consider spending some good time at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Placed in the heart of Dubai, the resort offers complete relaxation, deluxe amenities and lots of memories. While on vacation, we invite you to rent luxury cars in Dubai and feel the vibe of one of the most appreciated and wealthy metropolis in the world. And if you are not convinced yet, our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can present you our extraordinary fleet of special vehicles from which you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai and feel just like the rich sheiks.

Discover Dubai from a private yacht

Dubai Marina Yacht Club rapidly gained the title of the most popular yacht resort in the UAE, where top vessels bought with lots of money can be admired and even used. You can find a well-prepared bar on each of the boats, you can enjoy exclusive meals while your personal chef makes the recommendations of the day, or you can lavish yourself with the luxurious VIP suites. All these while cruising on the Persian Gulf and admiring the beauties of Dubai with top-class amenities. For unforgettable memories in Dubai, you should definitely choose a yacht and meet a unique perspective of the city. Moreover, we remind that visitors for leisure or business purposes have the chance to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai for special occasions and utmost luxury behind the wheel.

Enjoy good times in a rented yacht in Dubai

For intimate occasions with family and friends, you can have your own yacht and spend some quality time while in the city, admiring the spectacular landmarks. Dubai Marina Yacht Club was meant to impress with opulence, style, good taste and wealth, all the features describing in a right manner the beautiful and extravagant Dubai. Here, there is no place for regrets or monotony, especially if you are choosing a cruise on a deluxe yacht from about 500 models which can be seen “parked” at Dubai Marina.

And after a long day of lavishness, you can choose one of the beautiful hotels and restaurants found at the resort, right next to the beautiful yachts. No matter your reasons for your stay in Dubai, it is best to explore as much as you can and to gather as many exclusive memories as possible. And speaking of unique moments, we remind that you can also rent sports cars in Dubai if you are curious what adrenaline feels like behind of a powerful car.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai for further questions about our luxury car rental services in Dubai.

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