Rules for Driving in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 13th July 2016

Rules for Driving in Dubai Image
Dubai is recognized for the great roads and highways, always being a pleasure driving in this beautiful city. Staying calm at all times despite unpredictable driving of others has to be number one in mind. 

In order to avoid any possible traffic issues, we assembled a few important rules regarding safety driving in Dubai.

The proper distance between cars

Numerous drivers forget to keep the optimal safe distance and it is recommended not to join them. You should remember the three second regulation: always stay three seconds behind the car in front of you. This important rule corrects the speed.

Even if you have left a proper space, someone else could sneak in and block it.  It’s going to be up to you to pull back a little, in order to keep the safe space again.


Vehicles with obscure windows have a very bad outlying vision at night, so you should think again if you want to have such car option. Many drivers don’t use the headlights because they think they see the roads perfectly.

As a reminder, the lights are also for drivers who want to see the traffic partners. It is advisable to watch out for persons driving without lights too and stick to the rules and traffic regulations.


You will definitely see a lot of powerful cars on the roads of Dubai, from giant 4x4s to sporty speed cars that go really fast. The speeding in Dubai is now controlled after introduction of video cameras on highways. 

The 100 km/h speed limit has truly helped and improved the traffic, but there will always be speed freak drivers, thinking they’re on a computer game.

Our recommendation is to stay out of their way and if it’s possible pull over or maintain a stable speed.

Driving on a rainy day

In this special weather conditions, it is recommended not to speed excessively and also not to use the full car beams or hazard lights on.

When driving on a rainy day in Dubai, the best thing for you to do is to maintain the proper speed for this kind of weather and stay in the slow or second lane of the road.

If visibility gets really bad and you are caught during a sandstorm or fog patch, it is safer to pull over, if possible into a garage.

Learn the routes before you go in the city

Driving in Dubai will always be less worrying if you know where you are going. The city has a wonderful road structure which is increasing daily, in order to manage with the traffic volume on the roads. 

It can be pretty difficult when you first start to drive in Dubai, so why don't you learn a few routes to close places you need to go to? 

It is recommended not to panic if you get lost or take the wrong turn, because there will always be a way back and signs showing Dubai city.

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For extra information about driving rules and traffic in Dubai, you can contact our luxury car rental agents in the city.