Rent an SUV and Enjoy a Safari Tour in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 09th May 2017

Rent an SUV and Enjoy a Safari Tour in Dubai Image
A complete holiday cannot end without a safari in Dubai. No matter if it’s in the morning or in the evening, you should definitely book this type of escapade on your to-do list, especially if you are an adrenaline lover and adventure seeker. Once you have arrived in the city, we invite you to rent luxury cars in Dubai and discover the benefits of these beauties on four wheels. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are more than pleased to offer complete information about our car collection from which you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai and feel just like the rich sheiks.

Powerful cars for extreme sensations in Dubai

A safari tour in Dubai is for at least three people who are guided to the golden sands by a professional driver. Your tour can start early in the morning, if you don’t have anything planned, or you can enjoy the thrills in the afternoon. The SUVs are special cars for safari tours in Dubai, and if you really want to feel the unique sensation behind the wheel while driving in the sand, you can ask your guide for a short ride. And don’t worry, the SUVs are powerful cars you can handle instantly. This type of cars is also available in our prestigious fleet of cars for rent in Dubai. Besides wandering through the desert, you might want to try something new: you can ride the camels or you can ski on sand if you want, as part of the safari tour. Driving in the desert requests quick stops for lunch and a short rest at the special camps out there. Make sure your package contains such services.

Your adventure can continue in the beautiful city of Dubai with lots of things to discover, which is why we suggest you to rent luxury cars in Dubai for extra lavishness and thrills. But if you mix pleasure with business, you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and create your unique business card while attending important meetings.

Try an overnight safari tour in Dubai

The fun can be moved in the night, but it starts in the afternoon with amazing sunset photo sessions, a short drive through the desert, some camel rides and a stop for an Arabian coffee taste. The fun goes on in the night when you can attend a ceremony where traditional costumes and a henna tattoo session are mandatory. The drinks, the meal, the barbecue and a place to sleep over are also included in the safari night tour. You’ll just have to bring your good mood and to enjoy some quality time and a unique experience.

If you visit Dubai for a safari tour or for any other purpose, make sure to solicit our luxury car rental services in Dubai. Please contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai for a personalized offer.