Private Parking Spaces for Tenants in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 17th August 2016

Private Parking Spaces for Tenants in Dubai Image
Transport authorities in Dubai have pressed property holders and real estate management businesses to stand by the existing laws for privately administered parking services. These parking spaces are going to be distributed to all residents in agreement with the requirements of the Law No 18/2009, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport in Dubai (DMAT).


The distribution of parking spaces in Dubai

The DMAT, which supervises municipal and transportation authorities in Dubai, said that the parking spaces need to be allocated without any other rental charges among particular building tenants, even in buildings made before the endorsement of the law. For instance, every residential apartment in Dubai will receive one free parking spot, beginning with the apartments that have more than two or three rooms.

According to Dubai's transport authorities you should take into consideration that if two apartments have the same number of rooms, the elder tenant who has been living there for a long time will have priority and will receive the free parking place first.

Parking spaces for office buildings in Dubai

In multi-use buildings with residential and also commercial services, one free parking place will be assigned for every residential apartment, and those with more than two rooms will be given the first choice. In office and commercial buildings, free parking places should be assigned to people beginning from those who rent the largest amount of office area. If all the apartments have been allocated one free space each, the remaining parking lots will be distributed to the buildings' commercial workers. Constructions that were made after the law was passed must also follow the new rules, according to Dubai's representatives.

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