Parking in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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Parking in Dubai can be quite discouraging at first. This thing happens whenever you're familiarizing yourself with a new city.

Of course, once you get to know the roads and the traffic rules, parking in Dubai will be a piece of cake.

When you organize the journey make sure you plan it on time and have an idea of where you need to park at your destination. It's always a great idea to be ready when driving on the busy roads and highways, even in Dubai.

Parking rules in Dubai

There's sufficiently of side street parking accessible around Dubai, but of course, paying an hourly fee is necessary to use the space. Don't worry; it's quite easy to pay for your parking in Dubai.

It is recommended to find the nearby orange parking sign, which shows the parking zone you're in. 

Fees are charged by inserting the hour and necessitate a payment either by Dirham coins in the machine, or via your mobile phone, two simple methods.

Paying with Dirham coins 

This is a very simple way of paying and you should basically choose how many hours you wish to use the parking space, and then insert the necessary amount of Dirham coins into the machine. 
After this important step, the ticket will be printed for you, and then you can display it on the window inside the car

Paying via mobile phone

The Roads Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has an "mparking system", which permits residents and visitors in Dubai to pay for public parking.

This can be done via SMS and the benefits of this service are that is not necessary to carry Dirham coins and you can extend the parking time without having to walk to the parking meter.

On the other hand, if you cannot pay with your mobile phone it is recommended to keep a small collection of Dirham coins in your car at all times.

Here's the process for using the mparking system in Dubai:

•    find a public parking zone;
•    look for the parking sign with the area number. It is situated at the bottom of the parking sign;
•    decide how long you need to park for;
•    write down your plate number, or if you have signed up on the mparking website, then recall your vehicle's short name;
•    write a new SMS to 7275 (PARK) from your mobile phone and send the SMS.

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