Mercedes AMG Project One is Ready to Conquer the Roads

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

The Formula One technology seems to be very much adopted by car companies worldwide that decide for a new level of ecstasy and driving experience to offer. Mercedes makes no exception, as it recently revealed the ultimate sensation in sports cars at a well-known auto show. Mercedes AMG Project One presents the Formula One equipment and techs but adapted to the roads, and it is set to enter the market in 2018. Before we describe this supercar, we remind that our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are here to offer support and guidance regarding the luxury cars you can rent in Dubai. As a suggestion you can consider, you can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai, and enjoy a luxurious ride.

The ultimate technology found on a Mercedes AMG Project One

The competition is solid in the automotive market, but the well-known and appreciated brands do not want to give up the fight. This is the case of Mercedes that recently presented the ultimate force and technology implemented in a stunning and bold car that wants to stand on top of its category in a fast and elegant manner. Mercedes AMG Project One can reach a top speed of 349 km/h with the help of Formula One technology which focuses on solid and performant engines. The main attraction under the hood is the turbocharged V6 engine made with an electric motor and the other e-motor of 160 HP which functions on the mechanical part to make the conversion. The Motor Generator Unit-Heat is the F1-type energy system that was successfully added to the sports variant of Mercedes. The AMG model is expected to be a success, even if it is a sports car with attributes of a Formula One vehicle, as the demands on the market are high.

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The bodywork of Mercedes AMG, a piece of art

The good-looking Mercedes AMG Project One is simply delicious and attractive, and reminds of the ‘90s Le Mans Prototype, with pop-up rear wings and retractable front wheel arch extractors which are quite representative for sports cars nowadays. The sharp and refined shapes also remind of Aston Martin models due to the very special tone of grey that searches for the sunlight to shine as much as possible.

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