Meet the Penguins at Ski Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 17th May 2017

Meet the Penguins at Ski Dubai Image
When you say Dubai, you picture fun in the sun, attractive beaches, amazing architecture, and the beautiful Arabian Gulf which complete the photo of a special city. But what if you have the chance to transform the season for a while and add some snow and some penguins? You have the possibility to meet the penguins at Ski Dubai, a beautiful location destined for you and your family, especially if you have little kids. Once you have arrived in a city full of opportunities, we invite you to rent luxury cars in Dubai and see how a special means of transportation matches with your exquisite taste. You can also rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, the jewel of our remarkable fleet. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are here to make recommendations on this matter and to offer complete support.

Enjoy the penguin show in Dubai

Besides lavishing in a boat cruise in the Arabian Gulf, visit the main attractions or renting a sports car in Dubai, you might want to test a different kind of fun and that is visiting the penguins at Ski Dubai. You will love the little creatures from the moment you meet them, the King Penguins and the Gentoo Penguins being the stars of the show. Once you enter Ski Dubai and stop for a visit to the penguins, you will see their special and private deck and also the pool where the little birds have fun and dive into the water. Moreover, the children have the possibility of touching the penguins while the picture will serve as testimony of a unique and magic moment in Dubai. As a recommendation while exploring Dubai, we suggest you schedule a visit to the penguins at Ski Dubai and enjoy the show.

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What to do at Ski Dubai when visiting the penguins

People can play with the penguins, see how they play underwater and have some pictures with the delicate creatures. The entrance ticket comes with a souvenir and free access to the Snow Park where you can actually play in the snow, an interesting adventure in the middle of the desert, we might say.

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