Meet McLaren Senna, a Challenging Sports Car

Updated on Thursday 29th March 2018

Sports cars are always inspiring and powerful above expectations. These attributes can be met on McLaren Senna, a limited edition sports car which promises the perfect connection with the driver, the one lucky enough to test this remarkable car. In the same area of great cars, visitors in Dubai have the possibility of changing the vacation by renting luxury cars in Dubai. Among them, our Lamborghini for rent in Dubai guarantees a good time and the benefits or driving an extremely wanted car. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are at your disposal with information and recommendations about our fleet of cars.

McLaren Senna wants to achieve the impossible

McLaren is a well-known sports car produced for high-speed races and personal achievements. McLaren Ultimate Series is a limited edition made of special sports cars as tributes to well known Formula One pilots. This year was Ayrton Senna’s turn to be remembered with a very special sports car from McLaren that has his name. A lightweight and aerodynamic design describes the perfection of McLaren Senna. More than that, the car presents a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, 790 HP, only 1,198 kg, numerous carbon fiber elements and Pirelli tires to accomplish perfection and achieve the impossible on the roads. Innovation is part of McLaren Senna because the engineering is signed by several car experts who focused on ultra performances to achieve the impossible: 2.8 seconds for reaching 100 km/h and a top speed of 340 km/h.

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The unique attributes of McLaren Senna

McLaren cars and particularly the latest models which are made in a limited edition are spectacular and impress the audience from the first moment. With inspirations in the 720S model but with modified monocoque made of carbon fiber, and named MonoCage III, McLaren Senna respects the details and the engineering of the pilot’s former race cars but with the latest technology. The GTR model offers even more power and reaches the fastest McLaren lap times outside the Formula One competition.

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