Mazda CX-3, a Complete Compact Crossover

Updated on Monday 30th April 2018

Control, comfort, stability, and confidence are the main attributes of the new Mazda CX-3, a deluxe compact crossover with attitude. Luxury cars for rent in Dubai are at your disposal whenever you wish to turn your experience into a stunning one, on board of great cars. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer information about the fleet of luxury cars you can enjoy while having a perfect vacation in Dubai.

Why is Mazda CX-3 a great car?

Mazda CX-3 is definitely a marvelous SUV due to its incredible attributes and smart performances which offers the freedom of riding in a relaxed and interactive manner. The SKYACTIV technology has been improved for the new model of Mazda CX-3 for maximum control and optimal fuel consumption, but not limited to these. 146 HP, retuned suspension, heated steering wheel, and a sporty handling make Mazda CX-3 a great car for excellent driving experiences.
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What’s new on Mazda CX-3?

In 2018, Mazda CX-3 comes with a series of improvements among which the following are highlighted:
  • safety features to strengthen the driving experience and enjoy a pleasant ride;
  • it has low-speed automatic emergency braking with improved elements;
  • the interiors have been changed, in order to offer nothing but the best;
  • as a compact SUV, it offers a lot of space for passengers in the back seats.
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