Let Yourself Surprised by a Ferrari J50 in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 08th June 2017

Let Yourself Surprised by a Ferrari J50 in Dubai Image
There have been 50 years since Ferrari conquered the auto market in Japan, therefore, a suitable celebration had to be created. This is how Ferrari J50 appeared, as a superb anniversary model with a chassis which reminds of the 488 Spyder version. If you want to rent a Ferrari J50 in Dubai, please let us propose you a personalized offer. Our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai are ready to help you with recommendations and guidance about our prestigious fleet. It is good to know that a perfect holiday can start with a luxury car for rent in Dubai, a perfect means of transportation while exploring the amazing city.

Ferrari J50, a perfect Italian gift for Japan 

Although it reminds of the Ferrari 488 Spyder, the anniversary version J50 came with interesting changes. The spoilers and the hood have been redesigned and the back of the car has been created to offer even more dynamicity. With a V8 3.9-liter engine, 690 HP and acceleration from 0 to 1000 km/h n just 3.8 seconds, Ferrari J50 is simply a perfect car made for a special country like Japan. The rooftop has been replaced with a carbon fiber targa piece, and the engine is protected by a transparent piece of carbon fiber so that you can admire the piece of art. And speaking of special cars, we invite you to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and see what this beautiful car has to offer.

Ferrari J50 is made in limited edition

As it was expected, the anniversary model made by Ferrari is in limited edition, only 10 units being prepared as we speak. Auto experts say that Ferrari could not think of a better gift than the J50 model, a supercar with a powerful engine, attractive look, outstanding interiors and excellent performances, all gathered to transform a normal experience into an unforgivable one. Rumors say that there are chances for Ferrari to produce the J50 model for other countries worldwide.

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