Lamborghini Urus, an Interesting SUV Expected in 2019

Updated on Saturday 13th January 2018

To show the world a different kind of perspective and idea about ferocious and fast cars, Lamborghini designed something new and completely stunning. This is Lamborghini Urus, the second SUV of the company (LM002 appeared in the ‘80s) which is going to be available starting with 2019. We are going to describe the performances expected on an Urus, but before that, we invite tourists to rent luxury cars in Dubai and also benefit from our services. Let us remind that our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are at your call if you want to rent sports cars or luxury vehicles.

Technical details and surprising elements of a Lamborghini Urus

Even though Lamborghini is recognized for its fast and furious sports cars and top performances in varied competitions, the appreciated brand will enter the market with an imposing yellow SUV, a beast on four wheels ready to be tamed. A 4-liter V8 engine presents no more than 641 HP to achieve a top speed of 305 km/h, and 100 km/h in only 3.6 seconds. The brilliant minds at Lamborghini decided to conquer a different type of customer, and that is the SUV devotee who is going to test this vehicle starting with the next year. 

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Aligning with big players worldwide

Lamborghini made its debut as an SUV in the ‘80s with a powerful military vehicle named LM002. The unconventional van remained in the history as the one and only Lamborghini SUV, the brand focusing on top sports cars we all know today. As for Lamborghini Urus, this represents the ultimate statement that the company needed to align with big competitors like Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, or Porsche which also have at least one SUV in their portfolios. The dramatic appearance of Lamborghini Urus is expected to capture the attention of everyone in search of sporty attributes, confidence, power, and intensity.

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