Lamborghini Huracan, a Car with Extra Power

Updated on Wednesday 24th August 2016

Lamborghini Huracan, a Car with Extra Power Image
Lamborghini just announced 3 new after sales packs to race with third-party improvements proposed by aftermarket providers. The new packs care available at the Lamborghini dealerships. A matte black front splitter, rear splitter, side skirts and stable rear wing, with winglets and open support towers, come together in one kit and make Lamborghini Huracan an amazing sports car.

A super engine for a powerful car

Lightweight, compact and with a unique sound, thanks to its great architecture, the naturally pronounced rear splitter V-10 engine in the Huracan Coupe was planned to overwhelm. 
The Lamborghini Huracan comes with injection equipment which for the first time on a V-10 engine joins multi-point injection: depending on the driving situation, the 2 systems can be used at the same time or alternatively, therefore proposing the benefits of both in terms of enhanced performance and efficacy. The stop-start and cylinder on request technologies upsurge the proficiency of this unbelievable V-10 engine.
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Deluxe interior for sophisticated tastes

Luxury encounters the spirit of Lamborghini inside the beautiful Huracan.  Sporty, yet sophisticated, Lamborghini Huracan was created to offer the space and comfort you desire.
A large instrument panel, integrated controls in the steering wheel, flawlessly contoured sports seats and a complex console puts all the mechanisms at your fingertips. Every feature is calculated to make the driving experience interesting and natural, all with the finest quality appearance all the way through.

Amazing exteriors make Lamborghini Huracan an incredible car

Lamborghini’s esthetic clarity and performance are inspired by something essential called carbon atom. Each of the Huracan lines is intended to cut the air and take your breath away with a  hexagon to streamlined Y’s. With a sporty and vibrant look, both original and unique, Lamborghini Huracan was created to amplify your emotions.

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