Infiniti Q Concept, an Edifying Sedan

Updated on Monday 19th February 2018

Technology and innovation continue to amaze in the automotive sector and a good example in this sense is the new Infiniti sedan, the Q concept. This midsize luxury sedan represents the future of automobiles where the accents on design speak for themselves. On the other hand, if you are interested in renting an Infiniti car in Dubai and surprise your friends and family with your good taste in cars, we suggest you address your inquiries to our luxury car rental agents in Dubai.

Why is Infiniti Q Concept a surprising sedan?

The Tesla engineering put the imprint on the new Infiniti car, the Q concept. This model presents a hybrid windshield sunroof, a compression ration engine which is the first one implemented on a car, autonomous driving techs, and an elegance which cannot be surpassed, or at least not at the moment. Infiniti Q Concept is the statement of innovation and the starting point of the automotive changes for the years to come. The aggressive look completes the picture perfect of this beautiful sedan made by Nissan. If at the moment there are no details about the top speed and highest performances, as this car was recently presented in Detroit, the producers are promising nothing but surprising numbers, among which we reveal the HP: 306.

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Infiniti Q Concept is an appealing car

Some say that Infiniti Q Concept reminds of Porsche sports cars, but in reality, this model is more elegant and stunning. The shoulder-line tucks, the taillamps which slice across the rear, the three-window side-glass treatments and the simpler yet alluring forms make Infiniti Q Concept a car from the future with a fresh and awaited appearance. As for the chosen color, the producers wanted to add the shinning in the sun aspects on the Infiniti Q Concept by choosing silver paints for excellent visual effects.

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