How to Replace a Lost Driving License in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th July 2016

How to Replace a Lost Driving License in Dubai Image
If you have lost your Dubai driver’s license and you need to drive at work or do other important stuff in the city, it is suggested to go to any RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) office and apply for substituting the document.

As a warning, do not try to drive around Dubai without your original driver’s license! You can get penalized when caught by the police even with a copy of your driving license, so it is recommended to read all about the traffic rules in the UAE.

Needed documents for your new driving license in Dubai

The replacement process is quite easy and can take only 30 minutes. At a RTA office in Dubai you will receive a token number and you must have the needed documents already prepared, such as passport copy, Visa copy, Emirates ID copy and a 2X3 size photo, if you want it updated.

After presenting the proper documents, you will have to pay the service fees, with a credit or debit card or cash. As a reminder, if you have traffic penalties, you need to pay them as well, in order to handle the replacement of your lost or deteriored driver’s license.

Online services when you replace the driving license

You can also apply for this service online and have your license card collected from one of RTA collection offices to transfer the damaged license or the lost certificate.

It is necessary to know that if your license is older than five years, you will be asked to have a new eye test submitted through one of RTA qualified opticians, and update your personal photo.

Online service fees can now be paid using several payment procedures; credit cards payment or direct debit from one of the following banks: Dubai Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Union National Bank and Dubai Commercial Bank.

All the details regarding the documentation for the driving license replacement, and other important RTA services can be found downloading the applications for smartphones, Android or iOS.

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Please feel free to contact us for assistance and guidance if you want to replace your driving license.