Ferrari Portofino, a Long-Awaited Car Entered the Market

Updated on Tuesday 10th October 2017

Ferrari Portofino, a Long-Awaited Car Entered the Market Image
A fresh design and a lightweight structure replaced Ferrari California T, and that is Ferrari Portofino, just like the name of a beautiful port city in Italy. The stunning vehicle was launched in September 2017 in Frankfurt and represents a new level of technology, design, and performance. Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai are at your disposal if you planned something apart for your vacation. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are pleased to provide you support if you are interested in renting luxury cars in Dubai.

Ferrari Portofino, a car made for extravagance

With a noiseless and comfortable cabin, a fresh design and a lightweight structure based on aluminum, Ferrari Portofino is simply amazing and finally on the market. The car producers played with the engine and wanted to replace a former model, California T, by adding all kinds of improvements. 600 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, a V8 engine, noise improvements, a folding hardtop and a daring look make Ferrari Portofino a very handsome and performant sports car. The main attributes like the perfect red color and the special fabrics, alongside with the possibility of adding tailored items, remain timeless for Ferrari, a well-known brand that conquered everyone from the very first appearance.

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Why is Ferrari Portofino an admired car?

Ferrari Portofino celebrates the 70th anniversary of the car brand and represents an exceptional gift for sports cars lovers around the world. Even if it replaces the California T model, Ferrari Portofino is the image that the brand continues to develop and aligns with the performances found nowadays on the market. For comfort and responsiveness during the ride, the car makers added a dual-coil suspension and a magnetorheological damping among many others. You will be instantly attracted by the aggressive yet enchanting look of a Ferrari Portofino which is now a new toy on the market everyone admires.

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